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I am SO PLEASED and Super Excited – BRAND NEW MUST READ!

Hey mate!

You are going to LOVE how Jonathan shares his first week in Manifesting Mastery. But there is something we want you to notice while you read. Notice the ease, the flow, the freedom he is finding, just by playing with the daily MM lesson and tiny little recording.

Notice what he’s discovering, and how much he LOVES what’s happening to him. And IMAGINE this is YOU!

Let’s dive in with this Neville Goddard quote:

“Watch what you are imagining, for that is god in action. For there is no other God. So as you imagine so your life is going to be… And if you know who you are, you can view the world from any state in this world… infinite states, and these states are purely the means to satisfy this hunger.” – Neville Goddard

Hi Twenty,

I am loving Manifesting Mastery so far! Its been great to really start noticing the gaps between experiencing something (sight, sound, sensation/touch) and adding/recalling meaning to it.

Day 1-Things don’t mean anything…

…I put meaning to them.  All day long I add meaning to everything I see. I often think of the young boy and how he thought that the girls were talking about him. That story has made me stop and think before judging the situation.

This was an interesting exercise because it showed me how much I already live in imagination! Taking the time to actually NOTICE my surroundings without meaning was very deliberate on my part, and I was actually able to notice things around me I have’t seen before. It almost felt like blinders fell off my eyes!

Day 2- Today I realized that…

…I add meaning VERY quickly to things I hear, so much so that it took multiple attempts just to catch the moment of silence before adding meaning! Glad to have made this realization so I understand myself more going forward.

Day 3- I was surprised to notice…

…that I don’t pay as much attention to bodily sensations as much as I thought I did. What a wake-up call! Knowing that I am God having the adventure of a lifetime is great, so I imagine that going forward I will have more awareness of my body as my temple.

Day 4- Really enjoyed…

…being an observer of where my mind and attention goes.

isn't it wonderful neville goddardDay 5- Had fun with this one…

…as multiple times my coworkers were adding meaning to inanimate objects by giving them names and pretend functions (“This bunny post-it note attracts all the real bunnies to our office outside!”). It was a great reminder that imagining can be as much fun as it can be seemingly daunting, at times.

Day 6- This really reinforced the fact…

…I imagine a lot based on sound/words. It was shocking to see just how much I invest my own energy into conversations I’m not even taking part in! Talk about being REALLY affected by outer conversations! So grateful to know this is a trigger for me.

Looking forward to the next 7 days! 🙂


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PS: Of course, please do share anything I send to you to your heart’s content!

I’ve been so pleased with the first week of the course…

…that I’m SUPER excited to see what is ahead in weeks 2 and 3… while in some past programs that I have done with BSC teachers and gurus, I have dreaded anything past the first week (since it felt like a honeymoon phase withering away based on what I imagined about them).

Hearing the success that comes from Manifesting Mastery…

…gave me a good chance to imagine something new, and I’m SO glad I did and can now recognize that it was never the programs, but ME! With all that said, I imagine my email will definitely help in like fashion.

Say “Hi!” to Victoria and the boys for me, and I’ll probably catch you on today’s FIR Fun show (or re-fun!).

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