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11 Year Old’s Big Birthday Success Story – Free Neville Goddard

“Construct one little theme or little scene which implies the fulfillment of my desire… It can be anything in this world, and so he puts himself through the paces by simply inwardly enacting the drama that he himself has constructed, and whatever it would be that he has constructed, which drama implies the fulfillment of his theme, he inwardly acts it over and over and over again until it takes on the tones of reality.” – Neville Goddard

Hi Mr. Twenty Twenty and Victoria:

My daughter was turning 11 last week. She wanted a large party at a local bowling ally. Well, I wanted to limit the party to 10 kids and she couldn’t chose who to eliminate. So, betting that they all wouldn’t be able to come, I said she could invite everyone. Her party was scheduled for a busy time of day on a Saturday.

So, long story short, a week goes by and she only had 2 kids RSVP that they can come. So, now my daughter is complaining to me that no one has said they are coming. So, since I thought this could be a teaching moment, and I said to talk about the party as if all your friends came. We were 5 days from the party.

She took this to heart and started saying that everyone came to her party and had a great time. Not only did everyone show up, but extra kids that I wasn’t expecting! They all had a great time too.

Thanks for all your work!


TT and V: Good on you Teresa for teaching your daughter what you learned from the articles here and in the Feel It Real Power Pack you ordered. You’ve just given your daughter an amazing experience, that will change the rest of her life.

What an amazing birthday gift.

Big love to you!

TT and V

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  1. Don Mertes says:

    I LOVE this SO MUCH! What valuable lessons this 11 year old is learning, and at a much earlier age than most of us have (myself included)… Bravo, Mom!

  2. Linda says:

    This is so lovely… especially for your daughter to experience the power of her imagination at a young age… Just Wonderful 🙂

  3. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Way cool, isn’t it Don!

  4. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Big time lovely!

    We can see it from here!

  5. Florencia says:

    awww~~~ !!! Such a sweet lovely success story !!! I simply love it! After reading your article “How To Stop Living Life In The Slow Lane” here is a great lesson from an adorable 11 years old lady “life is exactly what you make it” !!! 🙂
    Big love to your family including Emmett !!!

  6. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Thanks Florencia for the love!

    Blessings to you!

  7. Roxana Muise says:

    Children do not have to unlearn things before they learn the truth.

  8. When my daughter is preparing for her monthly Tests at school, she asks me like this:
    " tell me that i'm going to do well in the tests." And as soon as i say "yes, you're going to do well" she becomes very happy and she scores very high marks.

  9. Lisa Marie says:

    Beautiful -especially as we share it, make it every-day habit…younger and younger. Great story!