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UPDATE MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2017I Am Pregnant – Click Here was released over the weekend.  A few day’s late, but well worth it.  We amped up the package with a lovely handbook that really takes the teachings to a whole new level.

If you were on THE YES METHOD MASTERMIND call or heard the recordings, you met Tim – who’s been training with me and having all kinds of cool adventures for well over 10 years now. Time was the second person to pick up the package – even though he has plenty of Kids. He said he knew it would amp up his manifesting for everything, and he’s right. Have fun Tim, making all kinds of BABIES in your life.

Our PODCAST – CLICK HERE – now has over 30 EPISODES now!, with more coming every day. They are short and sweet – just 60 seconds to 5 minutes long and JAM PACKED with no fluff or filler. Enjoy THE PODCAST – CLICK HERE!


I Am Pregnant – NEW RELEASE coming Thursday, September 14th. You can imagine how lovely this is gonna be. Keep your eyes open for this special recording releace.

Friday, September 1, 2017 – Did you know we have an OFFICIAL PODCAST NOW? You can listen to episodes either on iTunes – CLICK HERE

Or listen on Google Play – CLICK HERE – Click the links and have fun!

Episodes are FUN AND FAST often just 3 to 5 minutes.  Enjoy and if you have a request for an episode CONTACT US

The Yes Method Mastermind we did back in late August – was an absolute smash! We had a great time on the BONUS CALL we did. Members of The Yes Method can download the recording of that call on the Members Page now.

Our Feel it Real Fun Show had it’s 365th show on August 25th!  The average show now gets almost 1,000 viewers on facebook, and a couple hundred more pretty darn quick on youtube. At 15 minutes a show, that’s well over TWO MILLION MINUTES OF NEVILLE’S ROCK SOLID GOLD shared with the world.

And as of August 23rd, over 1,000 readers have done the Easy Manifesting Methods free video trainings.

And finally we want YOU to IMAGINE YOUsending us your success stories – telling us what you did – how you did it and what happened to make better than you thought it even could be. Peek at THE SUCCESS STORIES for inspiration on that. And send us your stories. Bonus points if you send us photos or video too! (We are gonna be trying something new, so let’s all have fun!)

That’s it for now, stop back often for updates and good fun!

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Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria