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Why do we do this?  We know that the pure and simple teachings of Neville work.   We are living proof, and we keep sharing our daily experiences of how we live this message.  And the more you learn of Neville’s teachings, the more amazing the results you are going to experience in your life.  Neville’s message was simple, “We manifest what we hold in mind, and we are awakening to why this works – because through consciousness and imagination, we are one with God.”Click here for more.

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Who is Neville Goddard? Neville Goddard is the man who inspired Wayne Dyer to give his talks on The Wish Fulfilled. Neville taught that what you hold in mind, manifests in your life, starting in the mid 1900’s. Neville shared mystical insights from his personal experience, and taught for many years Biblical studies and insights – as to why The Law works, and how to use it to transform your life and help others in the world. We continue to freely share here. Enjoy our site and feel free to join our community and help us transform the thinking of mankind.


“In a short amount 4 months of time I have manifested a dream house that fit into my credit situation, a new job in a new industry that I wanted to get into and yesterday after just a little effort with the Prosperity Pack, found out there was about $5200 coming our way from a deceased relatives estate. Thanks for your effort, I appreciate all that you do!” – Dave. Michigan, USA

I live in China though I’m from the USA. I’ve been in China for 2 years. I came here completely unknown.

During a time of meditation a phrase came to my mind. The phrase was ‘Famous in China.’ I took it as a message from the divine within me. I started living it by writing a blog on the website for the newspaper, China Daily. China Daily is the largest English language newspaper in Asia. Some sites report that they print 500,000 papers a day. Through their international editions that number is closer to 1 million papers a day. I did nothing else except write from whatever came to my heart and mind.

Completely out of my physical control to affect, a man named Xiao Gang, started reading my blog. He happened to be the chairman of the Bank of China, China’s second largest bank. He liked my views on life and education. (He has since resigned from Bank of China because he was chosen to head the China Securities Regulations Commission, China’s equivalent to the U.S. SEC.)

He recommended me to the blog editor as one of 26 Star/VIP Bloggers. The ‘Star Bloggers’ are a who’s who list of business people, journalists and a few celebrities in China. I’m one of a half dozen non-Asians in that group.  One of my blogs became the most viewed blog entry in the history of the newspaper. Not only that, today, I am their number 2 most popular and most viewed blogger.

In addition, China daily also prints at least 2 of my blogs/articles in their flagship edition of their newspaper which also makes it into all of their other editions. Periodically, they call me and invite me to attend a forum, somewhere in China, with all expenses paid. Also, every time one of my articles is published in the newspaper, they pay me a fee which they direct deposit into my bank account.

Neville’s methods and teachings, which you so precisely represent and teach through your work, is highly effective. I’ve proven it more ways than just this.

Thank you,
Michael Murphy

“Out of the hundreds of teachers I’ve been exposed to, I really discovered Neville only 3 months ago Mr TwentyTwenty, and devoured and took notes on many many hours of Neville’s teachings on you tube, discovering you in the process as well.   Your breaking down of and teaching of these principles is fantastic and something that the world is in a thirsty need of!   And I agree, who knows where it would lead and that’s the fun part:)  Thanks 20/20!” – Greg

“Greetings Mr. Twenty Twenty! I read, and re-read, Neville’s lesson (and your comments) on creating an obituary for your old self. The first few times I read it, I recoiled at the idea of burying myself but as I relaxed into it, I began to embrace it. Following is the result:  We gather today to release and bury the old Glenna.  In her passing she leaves behind a world of lack, insecurity and benign hope. Through ignorance of the Truth, she created a series of unfulfilling relationships, accrued debt and felt apologetic when she achieved her goals. She viewed herself as a passive observer, reacting to people and events to avoid rejection and disapproval. The old Glenna was a people pleaser. – In her place, the new Glenna has emerged. She has learned to focus on loving herself first. She has learned to show the same compassion and forgiveness to herself she so readily gave to others. The new Glenna is now free to embrace her personal power through confidently expressing her creativity, intelligence, passion, beauty, knowledge and leadership.  Welcome to your new world of expanding prosperity, increasing health and profound love Glenna. Welcome to the circle of success!  – – Thank you dearly for your insights and for your commitment to making a difference! I have forwarded your website link to a few friends who are now also benefiting from your wisdom. Blessings to you and Victoria!  — Glenna – USA

“I just want to express my gratitude for finding your site and for finally funded like minded people. I grew up in the Christian church…and over time discovered that in being created in the image of God, I , also, had the power to create. manifestation became very evident and frequent in my life, yet soon after multiple times of being able to proclaim them from the stage at church as my praise items, the church quickly became jealous and no longer permitted me to proclaim the good things manifesting in y life….after a couple of years, I was asked to leave the church, and even some people told me I was disobedient in my proclamations, they would state that it was the pastors job to rule the stage not mine…..yet that was not my intent..I only wanted people to have faith for their own lives to see something happen. I am thankful for discovering Neville’s books and furthermore, your site…It has been a joy to finally be Abe to understand what has been happening and back it with scripture to my level of understanding. I understand the importance of being in secret about it.because a lot of my church family thinks my understanding of the word is “deluded”…but I walk in manifestation often. I have manifested money, a car, a holiday trailer, trips all over the world….and even some of it. without money, without cost” Ike the bible says…. I look forward to reading more articles more letters. Be blessed, believe, and be who you were always intended to be..not missing the mark for the prize. Sincerely, CN – Canada.

I’ve been struggling for quite some time to cross the very close finish-line with a couple of issues that are BIG but that are dependent on the decisions of other people i.e. the action I can take to reach the happy ending is limited.  Consequently, I hang out for your emails for that little reminder to remember to remember and for that little positive boost.  I absolutely love your distilled wisdom and the very positive impact you words and ideas have on me.

Apart from the above flattery (and thank you) I really wanted you to know that at least one critic (me) thinks that you’ve absolutely excelled yourself today.  Both pieces are brilliant – click here.  And,  I’m not in the habit of reaching out into cyberspace like this but great work must be acknowledged.  I hope you and your world are prospering in all ways. – Tom

I want to thank you for all that you do to share the teaching of Neville Goddard.   I am a classical musician, and my work is to help emerging classical artists with their careers through advisement, competitions, teaching, and summer festivals.  Unfortunately the world of classical music as a profession is a rather negative one, as we hear that “classical music is dead”, “you will never make a living”, etc.  I have been fortunate enough to be part of New Thought for many years.  You describe the teaching of Neville in a clear and concise way, and I believe that the way you present imagination is truly inspiring.  When I give classes and lectures to young musicians, I try to give them the message that it is all possible, and I will recommend your website whenever possible.  Again thank you for the insights you have given me.  Warm regards,  Cosmo Buono  http://www.alexanderbuonointl.com/

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