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Hey mate,

This week’s featured success story and week in review begins with Judy, writing about winning the lottery and what she should imagine to win even more.

Sticking with Neville’ lessons on “What Is Your True Aim“, we replied with, “What if you were “the lucky person” who won often?   forgetting the amounts, etc… your AIM now is not on “the win” (outside of you) but on “you are the lucky one”.  That would show up in changes in your beliefs, and your behavior etc.”

Now, we want YOU to imagine yourself THE LUCKY ONE as you read Judy’s email below.   (She has had several wins this month, and this could be you too.)

“TT, Thanks for the suggestion. Won another 200 in last nights cash 5 drawing and AGAIN if I had a 3 instead of 4 it would have been 20k! What’s up with being 1 number short and that number being 1 off from the winning number? I am in gratitude though for whatever comes my way. Each win though helps me maintain the state of wealth, health and luck. I just know I will write you soon of my ultimate win.”

TAKE AWAY:   Notice Judy is in the state of gratitude (which always seems to multiply your power).   And notice she KNOWS she will write soon of her ultimate win.   We can’t wait to congratulate her.  Note:  This is EXACTLY why we teach the Gratitude Game in Neville Goddard Simplified #1.   Anytime you add in that state, your results get even better.

Let’s continue with her letter below.

“Had a fun thing happen yesterday. I had been musing on a new cd player for my car since the one I had was dead. Radio worked but it just seems like noise. Wasn’t quite certain how I’d do it since I would have to leave my vehicle for awhile. I go to the stereo shop, still uncertain of how this will work out. So, on faith I buy the cdplayer and then call my good friend and tennis student. She is glad to come and pick me up, then she wants to take me to lunch! I say great. We eat and afterwards we stop and buy a cash 5 ticket.  She then gets me to work and signs up for more lessons!  Then my other friend later on in the day says she’d be glad to take me to my car and we get dinner. I could not have planned things to be so smooth.  I just love how the the universe works out in my behalf!  Then to come home and later in the evening find I can close the day with another $200 win which pays for the cd player was amazing!

TAKE AWAY:  Judy wasn’t certain how it would work out, but she walked in faith.  She bought the CD player, got a great meal, bought her next winning ticket and her student signed up for more tennis lessons.   When you choose to be in the flow, to walk in faith, to be the state of the wish fulfilled – everything and everyone responds.

One more bit from Judy.

I redeemed my cash 5 ticket at the store where the clerks know me. They thought they would give me a few bucks like the last few days. They were surprised at the second win and congratulated  me just like I had visualized. They were saying things like, you are due since you come so close, and the what blew me away was a little old lady who was just standing there and said “you are the lucky one”! Wow, I couldn’t have written a better script!

Neville says, there is no fiction.   You are the operant power.  And notice, the little old lady played her part too, and acted as an echo of my original email to Judy, when she said, “You are the lucky one.”

Imagine YOU, as the lucky one.

As you remember your true nature, you discover that you don’t have to cause anything to happen.  All you need to do is notice, you are one with THE SOURCE.   Being one with source, imagine only loving things – for yourself and for others – and loving things will be reflected back to you.  Abandoning all fears of separation becomes easy – as you realize you are one with source – and can not ever be separated from it.  That is when you discover truly your power of creation, and begin to create wonderfully.

Have an amazing day!

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

Note:  This is why in the Feel It Real Power Pack and in the Neville Goddard Prosperity Pack we explore with you both Neville’s Law and Neville’s Promise.  The Law states that what you hold in mind – what you feel as real manifests in your life.   The Promise explains why – because you truly are one with God, through consciousness and the wonderful human imagination.  Many blessings to you!

PS: Below is an update we got from Judy today (Sept 13, 2014), when we reshared her story.

Hi TT and V,

I was reading that success story and went omg, it’s me! Every word is true. It made me recall more recent blessings. Remember when I had to buy a new car back in May? That was the biggest leap of faith yet! I had some criteria, not over 10k and be roomy enough for my equipment.

I had 35 dollars in the bank, more bills coming and I needed a new car. I called around and went with the most friendly. So, I walk in on foot, my neighbor dropped me off and I asked to see what they had. One of the sales guy remembers they took in a nice used vehicle over the weekend and all the used cars were more than I wanted to spend. So, I test drive this Buick luxury lacrosse, I liked it and said okay. it only had 50k miles. Now the manager wants a down payment on it.

Remembering I only had 35, but quickly imagined 1035, I wrote the check. As I was driving home, the salvage man called me and said he could pay me 500$ on the old vehicle. I smiled and said to myself, we’re halfway there. I wonder how the other 500 will show up.

I looked in my mailbox and there was a nice note from one of my clients and 2 checks for 250.00!

One of those checks was a tip for my service! I can’t remember if I told you that story. If you had told me I would have 1035 in my acct by the end of the day I don’t think I would have been quick to agree. I was determined to get a car by the end of the day though and said I don’t know how, but you do! Your article from Neville, imagining financial security has really helped to shift the happenings.

Thanks for all you do, Judy

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7 Responses to “Reader Success Story and The Lucky You Neville Goddard Week in Review”

  1. Joy says:

    Perfect message today TT and V! Any time I remember that I am one with source and that consciousness is all there is, like you say I am the dominant factor in my world.

    Great lesson. Printing and sharing.


  2. This is a really good reminder – thanks!

  3. margaret says:


  4. murray says:

    THANKYOU for remaining GRATEFUL and for feeling( you’re the lucky one)and being encouraged that you’re( Due)from you’re friends at the store.
    It reminds me of how lucky IAM to be living in a time when we can share with each other the AMAZING things that are happening for us without being afraid to praise (FEELING IT REAL)
    Thanks Be The Lucky ones and be well

  5. Denis O'Brien says:

    I am grateful to have red this. WOW. Very inspiring….!!

  6. RHONYC says:

    congratz to Judy for all of her inspiring successes!
    rockin’ good news! :)

  7. さくら リラ says:

    Thank you teacher :)


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