Who Uses Neville?

Hi Mr TT and V:

Dear mate, I´m Joaquin Andrade, one of your fans from South America, specifically Argentina.

I´ve bought several programs from you and I´m completely satisfied with your treatment of the subjects..,.and my results.

But today I want to congratulate you by your almost daily messages. When i open my gmail every morning before receiving my first patient (I´m a physician, neuropsychiatrist and neuroscientist) I keep getting surprised by your insights,
your wonderful understanding of the not always very clear Nevilles´s teachings and your excellent and very practical conclusions!

Sorry for my English, it seems more Sanskrit than the language of Shakespeare. Keep up your excellent work! Be certain that we sure appreciate it! Strong hugs for both of you,

Joaquin Andrade, MD.
Master in psychoneuroimmunoendocrinology.
Master in neuropharmacology.
Post degree in neuroscience.