Survey Results – Membership Options and Support

Hey Mates,

Here is the video with the survey results from the FreeNeville Goddard Community survey and how that will help us grow the community.

Remember, the emailed lessons, articles, the 221 lectures will always be totally free here at We will be offering an optional membership, some of the details will be below, to help the members who want more.

Here is the video:  (It is 15 min in length, where we share everything…  if you want to skip to our summary below – just keep scrolling.)

Based on your feedback:

We will be offering a live conference call every month. 26.5% of the members said NO, so to us – that means the rest just might want to tune in or participate. If you can’t get in on the call, it will be recorded for paid members.

For absolutely everyone, we will continue to send out the FREE EMAIL lessons 3 to 5 times a week. 72.2% of us were happy with what ever amount we send, and most of the written in responses said 3 to 5 or Daily EMAILS would be great. Thank you for letting us know.

Members who upgrade to the $7 per month membership will receive 3 Neville Goddard Audio recordings – each month. We have had many emails requesting these, and many commments as well. Listening to Neville’s voice CHANGES everything. Being able to listen to him anywhere, once you download the recordings is priceless.

And 58% percent of you said YES or that you would think about a paid membership option – that includes what we are offering above. We are also working on a solution for members who want to meet up with other local members, and also on how to share more testimonials from readers. Feel free to send those to – and if you give us permission – we will share those with the readers.

And as always – feel free to contact us anytime with your comments and requests.

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

PS:  Want to help us get started today?  You can commit to a three month membership for just $21.   Your official membership date will begin when we get the Neville Goddard Audio recordings up this week.  Your support now will help us get the additional “geek stuff” we need taken care of and it is greatly appreciated.  For members who want to pay monthly, we will be offering that soon.  We have to purchase and install additional software to make the monthly payments manageable.  Thank you for your patience.