The First Ever Neville Goddard Mastermind Recordings

There are 3 recordings in this giftwrapped package. I think that’s a first. You’ll be busy for almost 2 hours with all these goodies.

You are getting as a gift, Neville Goddard himself sharing his fantastic lecture “Rearrange the Mind”. It’s one of our favorites, simple, profound and powerful.

This is THE lecture, we started off the Neville Goddard Masterminds with this month, June 2011. It is full of tiny little explosive bits, that when taken apart and used systematically will drastically change your life.

Next, you are getting 2 recordings, that I made in front of the fireplace this past week. They are summarizing and detailing what we explored in the June, Neville Goddard Mastermind.

A few quick peeks into The Pillars of Power we explore there.

1. Assumption. Many people attempt to “assert” or “pretend” when they are working with Neville’s work. Asserting and pretending seem to stop the flow and get in the way. Learning how ASSUMPTION actually works, makes a huge difference.

2. Focusing on “you” and what you want to be – instead of focusing on things. Another mistake many people make is focusing on “the stuff”. As you explore Neville with us, you’ll see time and time again, he focuses on HIMSELF, in a way that changes his world. He doesn’t focus on changing the world.

3. Integrating the Law and the Promise. The Law unleashes the power of Change. The Promise – unleashes the power of Rebirth. They work together, hand in hand. I share my experience, hoping to help you explore and expand yours.

4. The Power of People and Family. Two of Neville’s favorite teaching stories focus on Family. Seeing his family in Barbados is one. His discharge from the Army so he could be with his family is another. If we include family, and the dynamics of family like he does, something special happens.

There is more, much more, so if you want to go get the recordings so you can join in. And join us at The Neville Goddard Mastermind too. Email me for an invite:

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