Neville Goddard In His Own Voice – Volume 11 – Awake and Alive

NOTE: The Free Recording for the month is in this collection below. – John The Crown of Scripture. Click on it to enjoy.

Hey mate,

Listening to details around Neville’s spiritual awakening and his personal experiences is life transforming.   That’s why this is going to be a very life changing set of recordings for you too.  Everything Neville teaches helps support your manifesting, yet what makes this recording series special is it’s many many references to Neville’s spiritual awakening, experience of life, and exploration of “what is real”, that makes this a very special set worth having.

Because as we explore the world of Neville, we begin to realize that both sides (manifesting and awakening) are very intertwined, and actually one and the same.   We are here to experience and awaken to the truth about ourselves and life, and in the process of doing that we realize how to materialize, manifest and create much in the way of goodness in the world.

Here is a list of the special recordings you are getting in this very special package today:

  • Andrew – 44 Minutes
  • Consummation – 45 Minutes
  • I Say You Are Gods – 43 Minutes
  • John The Crown of Scripture – 45 Minutes
  • Nothing But God – 40 Minutes
  • The Dreamer – 53 Minutes
  • Those who Know My Name – 46 Minutes
  • Special Bonus Recording:  You Are God’s Temple – 46 Minutes

That is 6 more hours of pure Neville Goddard – In his own voice for just $12 today.   Order below and you can download them instantly to your computer.   Listen to them on your computer, mp3 player or burn them to cd if you wish – so you can listen to them anywhere.  Great mind food, true treasures.

NOTE:  Two of the 8 recordings in the package have muffling in them that we haven’t been able to completely restore.  We considered not putting them in the package, (making it just 6 recordings) but when we shared them with a few friends, they agreed that they still needed to be a part of this package, because they have some very very unique and solid content in them.  Please accept our apologies that we haven’t been able to get them perfect, as they really have some great meat in them.  Enjoy!