Neville Goddard Coffee Club #4 – The Million Dollar Manifesting Question

“Back in 1943 when I came out of the army I was looking for an apartment. My wife and I had determined how much we were going to pay for it, but when we found the apartment the rent was more than we had planned to pay. Realizing this, my wife said: “Well, that’s not demonstrating this principle, is it.” I said nothing.

I simply paid the months of September and October, but when I went to pay the November rent the manager said: “I have an apology to make to you. An authority of the city came in and looked over mybooks. He discovered that the apartment you have was formerly rented for less.” Then he quoted the new rent figure to me,which was to the dollar the amount I had originally chosen to pay. It took me three months of being faithful to what I had imagined I was paying, even though during that time I was paying more. But, since the reduced rent was retroactive to the day I moved in, I got it all back at the beginning of the third month… and we remained there almost fourteen years.” – Neville Goddard Quote

Today’s Take Away: Move from “manifesting a million” to “I am the lucky – blessed – one” or “I am a winner!” Move from focusing on “the thing” you choose to have – to the “you that you choose to be”.

Today’s Second Take Away: You CAN attempt to force your will on others – if you focus on influencing a particular person to do a particular thing. DON’T DO THAT!

Remember that doing that is forcing a particular way for something to happen. Remember the lesson of Neville’s rent. He focused on paying the “right rent”, not making the landlord do what Neville wanted.

Tiny shifts like this are often what we find in coaching that make HUGE changes in how successful and happy you are as a manifestor.

Thank you for being you, being here, and choosing to be a master manifestor. Many blessings,

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria