Money Mastermind Testimonials


Hi TT and V,

I just want to thank you for creating the Money Mastermind. I had been looking for ‘something’ for a long time. I discovered Neville Goddard through your site and then I found Money Mastermind. There was something about the course that caught my imagination and as I was desperate, I decided to invest.

It was the best investment I have found. Along with materials you receive weekly, which discuss how you see the world now, and how it can been seen as you evolve over the weeks, there is also the weekly mentoring call. The first call was a real challenge for me as we hardly spoke! I was expecting lots of questions, lots of ‘do this, do that’ sort of mentoring. This is definitely not what will happen.

The calls are for you to explore the changes that are organically being made in you. How can TT know what is going on for you? You have to step up and challenge yourself. The weeks since the first call have been very different. There is a great deal of talking, exploring what I’ve been discovering and the changes that are being made.  It is only looking back at the distance I have travelled, can I see changes being made in my understanding and outlook.

I now understand to a greater degree the mind of a millionaire, how I can challenge myself to achieve so much more, in a genuine way that supports others. The course is about being the you, you desire to be. Once you have that vision, work towards that, knowing you are fully supported by TT and Victoria. It is nice to know that any ‘ah ha’ moments can be shared. I have sent loads of emails and never once has a reply been other than celebratory. Often the replies reflect what I can’t always see and point out the changes that are being made.

You owe it to yourself to evolve into the best person you can be.

Pauline, Manchester UK


The money mastermind for me was the next step in my Neville training. What I like the most is having the coaching. I’t takes potentially years off attempting to learn the teachings of Neville on my own.

Having TT with all of his training and background is invaluable. And it isn’t like any other self development that I have ever done. Because I not only have personal coach. But a coach that knows what to do. And the feeling is that he is rooting for you!! And I “know” that he is. Success is the only outcome that is possible.

And it isn’t about just doing the exercises it’s about real permanent change. That opens open the entire universe to you. And the results are measurable. And the shifts in consciousness are very noticeable.

The old me is pretty much non existent any more! Which I love.

There is a time in most people’s lives where it is time to jump into life (your life) and swim away from shore and never look back. You know what happened to Lot’s wife when she looked back.

I encourage anyone to just dive into Neville and never look back. And don’t try to drag anyone else with you. Not your best friend or spouse! Just yourself.

The good news is, the road map to success is already there! And the coach we all need to keep us on track for incredible success is TT!

Following the formula and having a great coach that is committed to your success is all you need. There is only
one outcome for that! Your incredible success!

I will share my success’s with everyone. And I look forward to hearing everyone else’s.

Be well!

Peace and Blessings

Greg G. – USA.

Money Mastermind Testimonial – Week 5 – Spring 2014

Hi Twenty and Victoria,

So here goes, what can I say about the Money Mastery Program. First let me say that for myself, I am going into my week 5 and thus far every week I have discovered something new about myself. Anytime that something new shows up, I get excited about the possibilities. Many times we look outside for answers, but this program really looks inside with maybe a little tune up suggestions (practical applications) to get the internal engine running smooth. The one thing I would like to share with everyone is life is an investment, you will only get out what you are willing to put in, It doesn’t matter if it is a book, a course or a seminar, an investment will pay dividends for years to come if applied, so the sooner that you make that investment, the greater the length of that return.

So what I can share with others is this type of information is essential to you moving beyond the way you think and live today and help you climb the ladder to a more balanced you. I have recently rediscovered what I am passionate about, working at becoming the ideal person that I really want to be and enjoying the journey along the way. If you are someone who would like to improve your quality of life or just sitting on the fence of wondering if this is for you, then this may be a door that may help take you to that place.

I have gone through much of the material that TT & V offer and for me not only has it helped with some of the programming that we all undergo, but it has also let me explore areas of myself that have been closed. TT and V are real people, easy to talk to and genuinely there for feedback. I thank you both for the sharing of these teachings with the community and sending blessings to all.

Dave, Michigan – USA

Money Mastermind Testimonial – Spring 2014

I have had the recent privilege to be a part of Mr Twenty Twenty’s Money Mastermind course.

It’s just so full of value and literally changes your life in weeks. I up until recently had a mindset and thought process that was preventing me from creating the wealth and business I really wanted, this was shifted with ease with the aide of some simple processes & discussion that I was supported through easily and affectively by Mr Twenty Twenty.

I now through this course have a much clearer direction in regards to the way my business is headed and have the tools and marketing ideas to get me there fast. Most of all, I have the success and wealth mindset – Twenty makes the calls fun and effective, he keeps the momentum up, is very supportive and he is so prompt at assisting you whenever you need it.

Mr Twenty Twenty is most of all very caring and has a good heart with a genuine desire to help others be the best they can be. You could not ask for more than that.

Thank you so very much, I am very grateful.

Kim Phillips – Director KPC Consulting.


The course started for me before it started.  I’ve known Mr Twenty Twenty for years now, I consider him a friend and a mentor, even family. I’ve taken many courses, which have always been excellent so I wanted to do this course.  Having said that, I didn’t feel like I had the money. I said to 20, flippantly, if I manifest the money, I’ll take the course. The next thing I know, the money shows up.

I’m enjoying the recordings but it’s the calls where I find the most value. Things are shifting nicely and I’m interested to find out where they shift too, it feels good.  If this course is showing up for you, trust yourself, it is for you, that’s my advice.

Tim, United Kingdom.