Money Mastermind Super Special – July 2021 Only

“You can’t cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water.”
― Rabindranath Tagore

NOTE: There are great testimonials from the first  two rounds of participants (2014 / 2015), who did the program at the bottom of the page, with with optional live coaching calls too.

Read them at your own risk…

….and enjoy where they come from – the heart. Let’s dive in.


“You can’t be Average and Amazing – at the same time.” – Mr Twenty Twenty

(Stop and think about that for just a sec.  Because getting that truth at your core MATTERS.)

Let’s take it a step further.  

“You can’t have both the AVERAGE money mindset and an AMAZING money mindset at the same time either.”

And obviously, one of them will give you peace of mind and great happiness, and the other – won’t.  Because it can’t.

One of them is going to win out.  Will YOU be average or be AMAZING!

So today, you get to choose….

You can give yourself permission to leave average behind and embrace amazing…

Or not.

feel it real - live boldyWelcome to the Money Mastermind!

First, let’s define exactly who the Money Mastermind is NOT for.

“If you already have all you want in life, health, happiness, money and wealth, relationships and personal fulfillment, and if you are happy with your current level of giving back to others because you are as successful as you believe you can be – this training probably won’t have much to offer you.”

But if you have been searching, if you are hungry for more, if the thought of greater and greater success excites you, and you want to live like us, then let’s dive in.


We work with just 6 people a year with this training,  for TEN SOLID WEEKS, to turn your life around, to dial up your success a few levels higher.  Since you are reading this, we want you to be one of them.

NOTE:  This offer is ONLY for the RECORDINGS  and the HANDBOOKS.   They are powerful, as you’ll read below.  

This SPECIAL offer does NOT include ANY live or phone coaching. – – We will be offering live coaching at very discounted rates (TWO CALLS FOR THE PRICE OF ONE – Just $500) for participants between now and the end of the year, which will be great fun!

If you were in this program, and maybe doing some live calls too, you’d be excited, wouldn’t ya?

And if that was the case, you would be changing your world big time, so you wouldn’t have to ever worry about losing your business, going bankrupt, or being all alone in an old folks home in the end.

The  Money Mastermind Project is designed to take you to new levels of success on the outside, and by giving you exactly what you need to succeed – in life – on the inside.

You all know that we FIRMLY believe that IMAGINING CREATES REALITY. (This simple truth has transformed our world and given us new leases on life. It’s why we jump out of bed in the morning eager to dive into a brand new day.)


Why most people are totally missing the boat, why most people never FULLY escape the death grip of failure.

Neville Goddard, the man who inspired me to take back my life, says to Define An Aim – as literally the “how you wish to be – behave in the world”. The problem is, how can you REDEFINE YOU as a wealthy person – if you don’t KNOW how wealthy people ACTUALLY approach money, life, health, wealth and THINKING in general.

Obviously, if you don’t know exactly how wealthy people…

….actually approach life – it’s gonna be hard, maybe down right impossible for most to COMPLETELY get what you need rock solid inside.

That’s why in the process of re-inventing me and my life using the methods of Neville Goddard, I formed masterminds with, chose to be mentored by, and gradually became friends with the most EFFECTIVE and WEALTHY people I could find.

I wanted to know EXACTLY what I needed to internalize so that success became inevitable.

What wealthy people know (and what average people don’t)…

Wealthy people understand, it’s not about “the money”.  Money naturally flows to them and wealth naturally grows for them – and it can for you – when you develop a rock solid WEALTH based mindset and live by wealth producing strategies.

Because when your inner strategies…

…belief systems and behavior all line up – money naturally flows – wealth naturally grows.

Wealthy people understand with all their being – that the more people that live from WEALTH producing paradigms – the better off EVERYONE is.  (That’s why they have let me model them, mastermind with them, and be mentored by them too.)

WEALTHY PEOPLE ACTUALLY want you to be like them…

Because THE MINDSET and the strategies of THE WEALTHY not only create cash flow and wealth, THE MINDSET and strategies of THE WEALTHY also create positive productive change in society, improve your relationships, and eliminate stress.

You are going to change BIG TIME in this training…

…because the MINDSET and the life strategies we bring out in you in this training bring out the ABSOLUTE best in you, while giving you a VERY decent income, while you accumulate wealth, while you live with the excitement and deep personal satisfaction of KNOWING – you are living up to your fullest potential.

NOTE: It’s obvious not every person who makes good money is WEALTHY the way we have just defined it. Even though they have money, many of them don’t have true inner peace or personal satisfaction. Look at all the rich people who die of drug overdoses, who are paranoid, who simply aren’t happy – because they didn’t do ALL the inner work. They need this kind of training as much as we did before we developed it – so they can enjoy life more fully.

When we talk about wealth…

we are talking about the HIGH HITTERS who are happy, psychologically well adjusted, who make a difference while making a very decent income.

Listen to This Now….

Listen Here – to the Introduction Recording – Click here

So here’s the beef.

Inside the Money Mastermind,,,

…you get your members only training materials for 10 weeks. You know how we approach training, and how we approach life.

Nothing we do is the “same old stuff rehashed”. Everything we do takes you to a new level. Time tested. Proven. Real world results.

Imagine how the Money Mastermind will change your life in all areas, skyrocket your success, and retrain your brain so you stay focused, targeted and uber successful.

We are only offering this to the Manifesting Mastery Members…

…because you are already doing what it takes to learn what works and creating change in your lives. You know how we work, you know how we always strive to deliver, over deliver, and help you do what it takes.

Note: If we decide in the future to offer this private training to the Neville Goddard Community or on our other sites, the Money Mastermind WITH live weekly calls will be $3000 minimum and the calls limited to 30 minutes.

So as you can see, this is an absolute steal. But it’s not for tire kickers.

It’s not for people who want to stay the same and hope that the rest of the world will change for them. This is for those who know that they want to live up to their full potential, and squeeze every last drop out of life.

Neville said to Define Your Aim – who is it you choose to be in the world? How would that person experience / react / act / believe / behave in the world? It’s time to find out exactly how the truly wealthy think, how they run their lives, and how they get more done (in less time) than most people can possibly imagine.

And that is why we developed and designed this program for you.

Many blessings,

TT and V
NOTE:  This offer is ONLY for the RECORDINGS and the HANDBOOKS.   They are powerful, as you’ll read below.  

This offer does NOT include ANY live or phone coaching. – – We will be offering live coaching at very discounted rates (TWO ONE ON ONE  CALLS FOR THE PRICE OF ONE – Just $500) for participants between now and the end of the year, which will be great fun!

Note:  There is a huge Financial Disclaimer as required by law on the site full of big words and legal jargon.  Feel free to read it.   Here is my quick personal statement that is along the same line.   Anyone who promises you big time money for nothing or get rich quick or says you are guaranteed to earn $$$ with no effort or no change is probably full of poo.   All action has risks, even reading a good book might confuse you and give you a good chance to have a headache.  You might take this program and then do what it takes to become flat broke by joining Darth Vader and going to the dark side of the force.  You are the one who is totally responsible for what happens with what you’ve got – something every valid spiritual and financial teacher says.  So, with the legal stuffing out of the way – let’s rock and let’s roll.   Welcome!


July 30, 2017

Good morning!

Hope all is well. Just a note to inform you that I love………… the mastermind course. In fact, through this program, I acquired the courage to play full-out into publishing a book that was stored in mind these past few months. I’ve been inspired by the two words that changed your life and decided to title the book “Start Sooner.”

Thank you so much for all the amazing work that you and your wife are doing. I’ve been in love with Neville’s work for some time now and despite the fact that I owned over 15 of his books and quite never understood it until I joined your site and read the articles.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

Warm regards,

Claudia Vidal


obr11Money Mastermind is the best coaching program I’ve ever put my money on. Some quick facts: during the SECOND week, I received an offer for a dream project – to make long story short, I earned $20.000 for two weeks of work pure fun 🙂

Next. I finally got my confidence level high enough so I created my first blockbuster product online. It was SO much fun. I thought it would take like half a year to create, but I manifested a filming crew, amazing business partner, even the most beautiful location for shooting and in two weeks we’ve got product that makes us really proud and that is ready to market.

But that’s only the money part – the part that brought me in. BUT… that’s not what’s the most valuable for me in this coaching program. Twenty is such a great teacher. All of my questions are answered with infinite care (you can FEEL it), incredible stories from his own life to help you understand key concepts and also great deal of fun (which is always good for faster results when learning something).

The bottom line is – my life is PLAYFUL now. I could burst with curiosity what’s next for me. I don’t push things anymore, I just state what I want and become curious on how it’s gonna show up in my life. And.. if anything slows down, I can ask Twenty and he puts me back in the easy-going mode, knowing that it’s ok and taken care of.

This program makes me so ACTIVE in things I can do and so FAITHFUL in things that are no longer my responsibility (like how it’s gonna happen, when etc.)

Michal Kreslik, 27, Czech Republic

Michal’s Week 10 Testimonial

I wanted money. A LOT of it 🙂 Now I have it. But at the same time I’ve realized that money is NOT what I really wanted. It’s inner PEACE, not the outer “security” that I thought money would give me. It’s life-changing discovery. Once I learnt to “generate” this peaceful feeling inside of me, then not only money, but EVERYTHING started conspiring for me… showing me that I’m taken care of and I can relax. It’s that delicious free meal at the restaurant, the EXACT furniture we wanted and couldn’t find anywhere, and yes… even those $50.000 I made from a single project that I started from nothing during this coaching program. Now I’m ready for the hyperdrive. Highly recommended. It will change your life… hopefully in a different way that you expected :))

Blessings my friend,

Michal Kreslik 27 Czech Republic


There is not enough space to express my absolute delight over the work of Mr Twenty Twenty and his dedication to the legacy and teachings of Neville Goddard!

I put every single thing that he has shared with me to rigorous tests in my own life and have had astounding results. As a show host and in practice for 2 decades I have seen and studied A LOT of stuff!

When it comes to Manifesting Mr Twenty Twenty is the best! He is patient, confident and absolutely lives what he teaches. Get his stuff, do it and let your life blossom in ways beyond your imagination. If you are looking for the real WOW Factor, you will find it here! I say Wow now pretty much every day! :0)

Mari Headshot Blue ShirtMari!


Hi TT and V,

I just want to thank you for creating the Money Mastermind. I had been looking for ‘something’ for a long time. I discovered Neville Goddard through your site and then I found Money Mastermind. There was something about the course that caught my imagination and as I was desperate, I decided to invest.

It was the best investment I have found. Along with materials you receive weekly, which discuss how you see the world now, and how it can been seen as you evolve over the weeks, there is also the weekly mentoring call. The first call was a real challenge for me as we hardly spoke! I was expecting lots of questions, lots of ‘do this, do that’ sort of mentoring. This is definitely not what will happen.

The calls are for you to explore the changes that are organically being made in you. How can TT know what is going on for you? You have to step up and challenge yourself. The weeks since the first call have been very different. There is a great deal of talking, exploring what I’ve been discovering and the changes that are being made.  It is only looking back at the distance I have travelled, can I see changes being made in my understanding and outlook.

I now understand to a greater degree the mind of a millionaire, how I can challenge myself to achieve so much more, in a genuine way that supports others. The course is about being the you, you desire to be. Once you have that vision, work towards that, knowing you are fully supported by TT and Victoria. It is nice to know that any ‘ah ha’ moments can be shared. I have sent loads of emails and never once has a reply been other than celebratory. Often the replies reflect what I can’t always see and point out the changes that are being made.

You owe it to yourself to evolve into the best person you can be.

Pauline, Manchester UK

Pauline’s Week 10 – Money Mastermind Testimonial – Spring 2014

Dear TT and Victoria,

I just wanted to update you with what has been happening since I finished the Money Mastery programme. My life, has changed completely. My level of understanding regarding Neville’s teaching, I have recently discovered, is much deeper than I realised.

Let go and let God, is an old saying I was brought up with. Let go of the old man and let the God within reveal your purpose. This course has done so much. I came to the course desperate, and I have learnt skills that will stay with me a life time and I love going back to the recordings as I learn again from a different place.

Thank you so much for a challenging, stretching, fun, life changing course. Looking forward to the future.

Pauline, Manchester. UK


The money mastermind for me was the next step in my Neville training. What I like the most is having the coaching. I’t takes potentially years off attempting to learn the teachings of Neville on my own.

Having TT with all of his training and background is invaluable. And it isn’t like any other self development that I have ever done. Because I not only have personal coach. But a coach that knows what to do. And the feeling is that he is rooting for you!! And I “know” that he is. Success is the only outcome that is possible.

And it isn’t about just doing the exercises it’s about real permanent change. That opens open the entire universe to you. And the results are measurable. And the shifts in consciousness are very noticeable.

The old me is pretty much non existent any more! Which I love.

There is a time in most people’s lives where it is time to jump into life (your life) and swim away from shore and never look back. You know what happened to Lot’s wife when she looked back.

I encourage anyone to just dive into Neville and never look back. And don’t try to drag anyone else with you. Not your best friend or spouse! Just yourself.

The good news is, the road map to success is already there! And the coach we all need to keep us on track for incredible success is TT!

Following the formula and having a great coach that is committed to your success is all you need. There is only
one outcome for that! Your incredible success!

I will share my success’s with everyone. And I look forward to hearing everyone else’s.

Be well!

Peace and Blessings

Greg G. – USA.


Hi TT & V,
Well I believe in one our coaching sessions maybe half way through you brought up the question.  How do you think that you have changed.
I have never really given it much thought.  You feel like you are progressing.  That’s normal.  but when I actually started  to write down the things that I had noticed.  It was amazing yes.  But what was more amazing is that it all seemed quite natural.
And it was more and more natural to just watch the daily manifestations continually show up.  There are two many to write down.  I just go of course.  That’s what I asked for.
So this is a biggy!  The “expectation” that creates the end of the movie!!  Which is the “feeling” in the feel it real session that puts you right in the middle of what is happening.
I’m not sure if that is a shift or maybe just a feeling of expanding into the scene.  But I will say it’s light years from where I started a few months ago.
Revision is now part of the ongoing day!  Something infects my state.  It gets revised immediately.  That one in itself is a real biggie!!
For me I am, and that feels great.  Like Neville said in one of his books.  Create like our father creates!  Not just one thing.  Like the rice cooking.  Do it like the lima bean dish.  And let it simmer to perfection.  And go on and create many more things.  Plant, plant, plant!!!
Just writing that, it feels like you can create anything and have fun doing it!  I love hearing other peoples stories of there successes.  It lifts up everyone!  So please share!
Be Well!
Peace and Blessings
Greg Greene

Dave’s Money Mastermind Testimonial – Week 5 – Spring 2014

Hi Twenty and Victoria,

So here goes, what can I say about the Money Mastery Program. First let me say that for myself, I am going into my week 5 and thus far every week I have discovered something new about myself. Anytime that something new shows up, I get excited about the possibilities. Many times we look outside for answers, but this program really looks inside with maybe a little tune up suggestions (practical applications) to get the internal engine running smooth. The one thing I would like to share with everyone is life is an investment, you will only get out what you are willing to put in, It doesn’t matter if it is a book, a course or a seminar, an investment will pay dividends for years to come if applied, so the sooner that you make that investment, the greater the length of that return.

So what I can share with others is this type of information is essential to you moving beyond the way you think and live today and help you climb the ladder to a more balanced you. I have recently rediscovered what I am passionate about, working at becoming the ideal person that I really want to be and enjoying the journey along the way. If you are someone who would like to improve your quality of life or just sitting on the fence of wondering if this is for you, then this may be a door that may help take you to that place.

I have gone through much of the material that TT & V offer and for me not only has it helped with some of the programming that we all undergo, but it has also let me explore areas of myself that have been closed. TT and V are real people, easy to talk to and genuinely there for feedback. I thank you both for the sharing of these teachings with the community and sending blessings to all.

Dave, Michigan – USA

Apollo’s Week 5 Money Mastermind Testimonial – Spring 2014

The quest for a life’s dream is elusive. I have had modest material gains only to reach seemingly insurmountable level. I thought then that spiritual goal was the answer; that too became reaching for the unreachable star.

Just the last week of February, this year, Neville Goddard’s book “The Power of Awareness” came to me. My take away from that book is that the physical and spiritual goals are not necessarily opposite and that they can be pursued and achieved using the same parameter – manifesting one’s desire. This knowledge is new and agreeable to me.

I googled Neville Goddard for the best Website and found Mr. Twenty Twenty, the owner of the Website has devoted his life to the study of Neville Goddard life in order to make his teachings available to the world. He has a method of simplifying a complex concept for anyone to understand and absorb.

When TT invited me to work with him one on one, I took it immediately. His 10-week coaching program is an investment that will pay huge dividends in the long run as it has already started with me just in the last 4 weeks.

As a coach TT is trained to know where you are in your path, to maximize you strong points and to overcome you difficulties. I highly recommend Mr. TT’s coaching program to those who would want to make those seemingly unreachable dream become a reality.

Kim’s Money Mastermind Testimonial – Week 5 – Spring 2014

I have had the recent privilege to be a part of Mr Twenty Twenty’s Money Mastermind course.

It’s just so full of value and literally changes your life in weeks. I up until recently had a mindset and thought process that was preventing me from creating the wealth and business I really wanted, this was shifted with ease with the aide of some simple processes & discussion that I was supported through easily and affectively by Mr Twenty Twenty.

I now through this course have a much clearer direction in regards to the way my business is headed and have the tools and marketing ideas to get me there fast. Most of all, I have the success and wealth mindset – Twenty makes the calls fun and effective, he keeps the momentum up, is very supportive and he is so prompt at assisting you whenever you need it.

Mr Twenty Twenty is most of all very caring and has a good heart with a genuine desire to help others be the best they can be. You could not ask for more than that.

Thank you so very much, I am very grateful.

Kim Phillips – Director KPC Consulting.


“My Name is Kim Phillips, mum and business entrepreneur and I have had the GREAT pleasure of doing 20/20’s Money Mastermind course over the past 10 weeks and I have had the most phenomenal results in my life show up and feel that when someone or something helps you create such results, you need to share it with others!

Firstly I found the audio downloads so very interesting, I would play them while I did my walks or while driving in the car and it would fill me with amazing ideas and inspirations on how to master my life especially in the financial area.

I realised I had a vicious cycle of making an intent to save and then each month I would sabotage it by spending and somehow justify it. This way of being was not allowing me to own my own home or feel financially secure at all – a feeling of being scared and operating from a ‘lack’ place.

The program gave me the tools and head space so that the penny FINALLY dropped on this habit and now due to this shift, money is arriving from avenues I have not even thought of – showing me that the universe needed me to demonstrate I got this new way of being and in return, I am rewarded with financial abundance.

The best thing of all is that this new habit grouped with all the other lessons has given me THE BEST gift of all – a feeling of unconditional inner peace. No matter what unfolds in my day, I have an inner peace that keeps my emotions in check and I can then operate from the best space and allow my inner voice to provide wisdom.

I also realised I needed a balance in my life; time for work, play and time for NOT doing anything – recharging, this revelation was just gold.

I didn’t get before doing this the course that there is a place for NOT doing, I thought that meant reading a book, watching tv or doing a course etc – but it’s just stopping and not doing, just being and noticing you are a person and really feel that, doing that allowed me to recharge and be filled with energy. That’s the most amazing experience, I was previously going through life as a zombie, which is like most other people, who are running on auto pilot just getting through the day with no fulfilment.

So thank you 20/20 for your life changing program and I cannot recommend it enough, I am going to do it again to keep in the flow!”

Warmest Wishes,
Kim Phillips (Director KPC Consulting and Fully Live).


The course started for me before it started.  I’ve known Mr Twenty Twenty for years now, I consider him a friend and a mentor, even family. I’ve taken many courses, which have always been excellent so I wanted to do this course.  Having said that, I didn’t feel like I had the money. I said to 20, flippantly, if I manifest the money, I’ll take the course. The next thing I know, the money shows up.

I’m enjoying the recordings but it’s the calls where I find the most value. Things are shifting nicely and I’m interested to find out where they shift too, it feels good.  If this course is showing up for you, trust yourself, it is for you, that’s my advice.

Tim, United Kingdom.


I have been following a path for a while now and i find that every so often i get off track , stuck ,and a bit confused.  It’s like I cant seem to go deeper.  Mr Twenty Twenty and his insight and his Nevilizing has pulled me closer and deepened my spirit.
What happened for me in the course was that it opened up another way of coming at  my spiritual understanding.  The shift in me has been quite profound.  I notice that my demonstration of my life is so much easier and gentler and kinder.   Drama is very uncomfortable now, and significantly reduced.
I feel as though I love more.
The coaching sessions were the key for me and I realised that there is a big difference between knowing and doing.   I am so glad i did the coaching it opened up my mind
Okay, thats it i think.   Funny really I have said a lot but still haven’t expressed what i want to say , maybe there are no words !!!  Looking forward to more calls with you

NOTE:  This offer is ONLY for the RECORDINGS and the HANDBOOKS.   They are powerful, as you’ll read below.  

This offer does NOT include ANY live or phone coaching. – – We will be offering live coaching at very discounted rates (TWO ONE ON ONE  CALLS FOR THE PRICE OF ONE – Just $500) for participants between now and the end of the year, which will be great fun!