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“The Meta Manifesting model is amazingly simple and fast! I’ve been slowing my manifesting WAY DOWN with what’s in the center circle, and now I know why. I see exactly how each of those emotions clog up the works and how subtle they have been at times in my life. And the way opening up and expanding is demonstrated is so so easy to learn. Things are changing already.”

Hey mate,

If you have ever felt anxiety around manifesting, felt things are “too slow” or had an odd “clogged feeling” about it all – this advanced training will help you get what you want by eliminating that.

Meta Manifesting contains our most current life changing models that we use in live trainings. We have refined them, so you can use them now – at your own pace – in your own home.  Based on having very successful coaching calls with members in Manifesting Mastery using these models – we now know you can use them effectively and easily – in your own life – anytime – anywhere.   (So you can start right away, you don’t have to wait to come to Australia to learn them.)  Whoo yah!

Just click on the introduction recording below and look at the chart we have on this page to get a very basic overview of how the Core Expansion Model works – and how it can help you create much more consistent results with your manifesting.

Looking forward to having you in the training if you decide to join us today.

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Introduction to Meta Manifesting – Click Here

Quick Summary Of The Introduction:

On a conscious or SUBCONSCIOUS level – every moment of the day you are only open to a specific level of power – and the level of power you are open to (and have available to manifest from) is determined by what LEVEL you identify as real in your world.

You can identify with 3 major levels: The Body – The Mind – The Spirit.

When you get drawn into the belief that you “are a body” (this can happen anytime – in fact most CONVERSATIONS you have or over hear IMPLY you are a body – and if this “gets in” – your power shrinks down – you become like a 40 watt light bulb in a brown out.

If you identify (consciously or subconsciously) with The Body – you will find your mind imagining thoughts and scenes that are have Apathy, Fear, Lust, Anger or Pride at their core. These will dilute and distacne you from the feeling of the wish fulfilled – and make it hard (if not impossible) to walk in the state of the wish fulfilled and make manifesting a stressful experience for you.

By working with the Meta Manifesting materials – you’ll find that you manifest more and more consistently – first by moving your identification to the level of the MIND – then later identifying what you are (and what is real) as SPIRIT.

In the first part of Meta Manifesting – we identify these three levels as “drinking straw”, “water hose” and “fire hose”. Each level opens up to greater ease and flow in your life – and makes manifesting much easier for you.

What you are getting in Meta Manifesting:

Three Modules of Meta Manifesting Training – Designed to Maximize your Results and keep you at the FIREHOSE (SPIRIT) LEVEL at all times.

  • Over 3 hours of live downloadable recordings that will change your life forever.  
  • Our Personal Notes – for each level of training.
  • Special exercises and real life examples designed to give you exactly what YOU need – to move to the next level – and expand into the power that you truly are.
  • Unlimited email support – the way we did it in Manifesting Mastery.

We decided to offer this training in two ways: you can get “just the materials” and do it on your own – with priority email support….

  • Or you can get Meta Manifesting – with TWO – 30 minute coaching calls built in – for maximum results.

The Materials Only training package is just $97 for Manifesting Mastery Graduates and Members. (Save $100 off retail.)

Click this link to get the Meta Manifesting – Materials Only Training Package for just $97 bucks.

Click this link to get the Meta Manifesting – Materials and TWO – 30 minute skype or phone coachings sessions for just $200 today.

You can start downloading the materials immediately. It’s going to be an amazing adventure together.

Many blessings to you.

TT and V