Marbles and Miracles

MARBLES AND MIRACLES – 37 Pages – By Mr Twenty Twenty

Marbles and Miracles takes you on a journey, where you learn ancient Native American manifestation philosophy, while learning how to walk in harmony with your true nature.  Experience more a more natural awakening to Peace, Power and Prosperity.

“Native American wisdom teachings demonstrate that there are three camps within the human mind, and that the camp your mind lives in determines how much you will struggle and how easily you will be in the flow of possibility.”

In this ebook, you will be taken on an adventure, joining the author as he learns the “Marbles and Miracles” teachings, while he is mentored by a Native American elder and his family. Simple keys of tribal wisdom will help you manifest and create change – miracles in your life – in ways that you can’t possibly imagine. Dedicated by Mr Twenty Twenty to Neville Goddard and his mentor – Grey Wolf.

“A lovely read that touches the soul, and invites one to walk in harmony while exploring the path of manifestation.”

“I laughed and giggled at your candid thoughts, while taking notes and noticing how these simple steps could help me walk more in balance, while manifesting the world I choose.”

“Your story invited me to go outside, sit and be still, and enter into the camp…”

“Refreshing.  Thank you for sharing your personal story of awakening.  The Four Directions teachings got me in touch with teachings shared with me by my Grandfather.  He was one of the happiest and most peaceful men I have ever known.  Thank you.”

“I’ve never had this kind of teaching in my life before.  I have read everything out there and your story is brand new.”

“A gentle read that nourishes the soul.  So many manifestation methods take you into your head, this one opens the heart and brings you home.”