Live Call – Patterns of Money – Wealth Success #2

Hey mate,

You are invited!

(Note the NEW time!)

(And we are excited!)

Our first FAST AND FUN live group call in this series is Sunday, March 18, 2018


LIVE by computer or phone at 8:00 PM in NYC – Eastern USA

(That’s Monday at 11:00 AM for us in Australia….)

Before you register – keep in mind….

The call is being recorded and the recording will be available for everyone who purchases “the call” now, or in the future, and for us to share or use in other programs or promotions.

If you participate in the call in any way, you are giving us your consent to be recorded, and giving us all rights to the recording.  And are waiving all rights now and in the future to any financial proceeds from the call. There are no refunds, even if you miss the call – because you’ll have the recording too.

Now, with all the legal stuff out of the way…

Let’s have fun!

Group Call #8 – 2018 –  – Patterns of Money – Wealth – Super Success! will be on Sunday, 8:00 PM – USA Eastern time (the time and date in New York City) on Sunday, March 18th.    –  Calls last about 90 minutes. Make sure your phone is fully charged up and you are somewhere cozy and quiet so you can fully enjoy and have fun!  (If your background is noisy – we’ll have to mute you so the call can continue.)

8:00 PM in NYC – Eastern USA

Space is limited to 20 participants from ANYWHERE in the WORLD!

Join Us Now – Click Here!

When you purchase the call – you will be given call in details similar to what you see below – and a link to the call recording download when it is ready.  A reminder email will be sent out 1 to 2 hours before the call to the email you used to purchase the call with.  LET’S HAVE GOOD FUN!