Love Letters

Love Letters From You – Our Neville Goddard Family

Hey mate!

At the end of this complex year. my family and me wish you and Victoria the happiest and most rewarding end of the year and beginning of the new one.

Your almost daily mails don´t cease of surprise me, for the depth, the motivation and the exactness of your explanation of Neville´s teachings.

Along the years of practicing and teaching to patients these techniques and philosophy of life, I´ve found that keeping a daily routine of practice is one of the most frequent barriers against goal manifestation.
It´s almost unbelievable…some guys get excellent results in their health, finances, relations…and even so STOP USING THE MARVELLOUS TECHNIQUE THAT MADE THEM GOT WHAT THEY HAVE!!!

My opinion is that in this exact point is where your daily or so mails act powerfully: REMINDING ALL READERS TO KEEP PRACTICING…what already gave them so excellent results!!!

Thank you very, very much and please keep up your outstanding work! Be sure that many of us appreciate it very much!

Love to you and Victoria,

Joaquin Andrade, MD, M PINE, M PsyNeu Pharma.

Hi there TTand V, I can’t thank you both enough for your dedication to Neville and his teachings. Your daily mail provides encouragement and reminders of strategies and techniques we may be over looking.

Revision has sent me miracle after miracle time and time again. An example is that my employer reduced my hours to nearly zero. Just working a few hours a day or two a week . Not exactly a living. Most troubling is that the why was never given and when asked, well, evasiveness is all I got.

All of this is Okay, in fact expected because I have been wanting something new. However I do need and want a lot more money. So, this week I have been asked to cover for about 15 hours which is a help. I revised in earnest this week too, that I am liked and missed.

At the same time I have been presented with a possible opportunity to teach in a different state making 45-50kper year and being close to my daughter and her family. I have sent my resume and will keep you posted. Life is an adventure if every challenge is seen as an opportunity. It’s all about faith in your imagination and knowing God.

Thanks for your encouragement and daily reminders. It’s so funny, as I look at my hydrangea plant that I pruned recently, today I notice new growth. I reminds me of me, cut away the old thinking, same old worries and just like that with some water new growth appears. Much love to you both, Judy

Mr. Twenty Twenty,

I know that you don’t know who this is; but I still wish to say thanks to both you and your wife. I really appreciate all of the effort that gets put into explaining Neville’s method through your website, facebook, and in the packages that you sell.

In all honesty ever since I’ve bought the Feel It Real and Prosperity Pack my whole life has changed for the better and I can feel the gratitude in my body. I really wish you guys a Merry Christmas and God bless the both of you and anyone who helps you guys.


Hi TT & V,

Had a breakthrough! It finally clicked. 🙂 Did the Feel it Real session, didn’t zero in on details as I had done previously, just wrapped myself up in the feeling that what I desired was already so. Asked myself, how would I feel if I had that perfect job, that paid me far more than my previous job plus had far more benefits. Three days later, I received a call, and now I am working at my ideal job. It happened so fast. Previously I had been struggling to make it happen – for two years I was unemployed and getting more frustrated by the day, and one day just reading over Neville’s teachings, it just click. I went into the state akin to sleep, I felt the joy of having received what I wanted, the heart & mind was in agreement, and “the healthy baby was born”.

Thank you for your regular Neville gems of inspiration.

Helen D

PS Now that I understand, will be using it for my children. They are not strong believers, but I know that we are one and that I can feel it real for them. I can see them as successful, happy, healthy and financially independent.

Hello TT & V,

Firstly I want to thank you for being there, for all your emails, they are a blast, all your books, packs, your website, articles and your care to share.

This is year I have bought your Feel It Real and Prosperity pack, and may I tell, I STRONGLY recommend to everyone who is serious in manifesting to get it, it’s less than 80 bucks in total now. I got them in the beginning of 2014 and it was just in time ’cause now I have so many manifestation stories to share. To name but a few, I manifested me being in such a lovely relationship, new levels of health, for me and others, more of wealth (my dad is doing fantastic in his business), my college studies and a whole bunch of other awesome states.

So, just keep going, remaining faithful to your imagination, believing in yourself, doing the sessions right and watch how you change.

Thank you TT & V, love and blessings to the both of you,

Hi Mr 2020,

I have just purchased your Prosperity Pack and really look forward to starting it. A bit about me, I am a web developer/SEO consultant living in the UK for over a decade.

I have to be honest with you, I strongly disagree with the entire LOA industry, I consider it misleading and likely to cause harm to people that are vulnerable or in despair, it is a money making scam in my opinion.

This does not apply to you my friend, as you teach Neville as it should be, you dont add up or repackage his work as your own, Neville is simple, but this simplicity makes it very hard to interiorize/apply, I actually feel that his study was so profound that he never lived long enough to put it in a format for learning, and I am glad you took that job on. I could tell miles away that you were a martial arts man! Your teaching style is very charged with Zen influences, and also very appropriate for the task at hand.

I have been reading your blog for quite some time, and I admire that you give so much advice for free, in fact you give everything for free, your paid work is just a training program to simplify and speed up the process, great value for money if we consider that time is money, your course materials are an investment.

Neville is difficult for starters, one can easily read his books and “get it” just to forget it hours later and fail to apply the principles, as I said I dont think he had time to put it in a simplified format for learning.

I will keep in contact about my progress and share my experiences, feel free to reproduce my emails for any relevant use, all I ask is that you dont use my real name in any quotes, this is a very private side of my life.


Your friend N in the UK.