New One on One Mentoring Programs – Manifesting Mastery Members Only

Hey mate,

July was an awesome month for the Manifesting Mastery members who signed up for private mentoring calls.   We are always amazed at who we get to meet, how we get to explore and how lives change during the course of the three private calls.

dateWe have 4 openings starting next week for skype / phone mentoring and if you want in, dive in now.

Here are the details.

  • Three 45 minute phone or skype mentoring sessions with Mr Twenty Twenty – for less than what the public pays for one hour of our time.
  • Calls are made by calling our USA phone number (which makes it free or very affordable for most people in the world, or by calling us on SKYPE.
  • Ideally, your time slot is the same for 3 weeks in a row.   (This makes life much easier for us.   If you need to reschedule a call for another day, that’s okay – we can do that.  But if you can, we want to have them 7 days apart for three weeks – so you get the most impact from your sessions.

Here is our schedule for calls:

USA:  We schedule all calls after 7PM – and before 4 AM –  New York City Time (Eastern Time Zone USA) Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

EUROPE:  We schedule all calls between 2 AM and 9 AM – London Time –  Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

AUSTRALIA:  We schedule all calls between 9:00 AM and 5 PM – Melbourne Time – Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

PLEASE NOTE:  This is an offer for members of Manifesting Mastery – our 90 day program only.   Our public rates are $500 per hour.    We love to give incredible deals like this here, because you already know us – and how we put our hearts and souls into the work.

Once you’ve registered, you can wait for us to email you (usually within a few hours) or you can email us a few time / day suggestions for your calls.  It’s gonna be great fun and totally life changing.)

During your mentoring sessions, we can explore just about ANYTHING – dealing with manifesting – relationships – health – wealth – business – making / manifesting money – well being etc. We only make a small handful of openings each month so we can write and work on our other lovely projects of you want in – dive in now.

Many blessings to you,

TT and V