Neville Goddard in His Own Voice – Volume 8 – Essential Teachings

Hey mate,

This is a very very special collection of Neville Goddard recordings. These are all ORIGINAL – Neville Goddard recordings, in his own voice – not narrated by anyone else.   The reason why they are so effective is you get to hear Neville’s exact focus and feel his energy – while listening.  You can listen to them anywhere, anytime with your mp3 player or computer.

Look at what all you are going to learn in this package special:

  • How can you rework ANY event in your life history, and use it to create the future you want.
  • What NOT to do, when you are using the power of REVISION.
  • Details about the REAL nature of man and God, according to Neville.
  • What are the EXACT steps you need to take – to use your imagination effectively?
  • Why SIGNS are so powerful in Neville’s method – and how they fit in with you creating your reality.
  • How the Law and the Promise work together hand in hand – and what you need to know about both.

Here are the amazing recordings you are getting in this package special:

  1. The Potter’s House – 42 Minutes Download this one FREE
  2. Our Potter – 37 Minutes Download this one Free
  3. Ends – Ultimate and Temporary – 45 Minutes
  4. Signs and Wonders – 41 Minutes
  5. The End Of The Day – 45 Minutes


  • Truth Seen Is Not Forgotten – 45 Minutes
  • Immortal Man – 45 Minutes

That’s over 5 hours of  Neville Goddard – for just $12 bucks in this special.   Or less than $2 a recording.  Get them today, while we can still offer them at this amazing price.  Listening to Neville Goddard in the garden and while driving is one of the most amazing experiences – one that fills your mind with what you need – to create and manifest your ideal.  Thank you for supporting the Neville Goddard Project.