Neville Goddard In His Own Voice – Volume 7

(Make sure you get the free recordings for the month.  They are #1 and #3 below!)

Hey mate,

This is a very very special collection of Neville Goddard recordings.  These are all ORIGINAL – Neville Goddard recordings, in his own voice – not narrated by anyone else.  These are all Neville Goddard himself.

Look at what all you are going to learn:

  • How can you discover what your true beliefs are?  How can you optimize them so you more effortlessly manifest your intention?
  • Does evil really exist in the world?   How does the truth about that make creating easier?
  • What is power?  How can you more completely manifest and live with power and confidence?
  • What is wisdom?  How can you  activate the power of wisdom and bring more peace and power into your life?
  • What is the real nature of man?  Of the world?   How does Neville teach forgiveness?  How can you remember that when you need it most?
  • How can you truly trust in your imagination?  
  • Why is it that some people can leave behind the past and move on – and why other people can’t – and what can you do about that?

These questions and many more are explored and answered in Neville Goddard in His Own Voice – Volume 7.  Here is the list of the recordings in this special package we have brought together today for you.

  1. Our Real Beliefs – Download this one now – for free – our gift.
  2. Facts Overflow The World – 45 Minutes 
  3. Power – 42 Minutes Download this one now – for free- our gift.
  4. Power and Wisdom –  45 Minutes
  5. The Duality of Man –  46 Minutes
  6. The Man Within –  50 Minutes
  7. The World is a Stage – 46 Minutes
  8. There is No Evil – 44 Minutes
  9. And a special bonus:  Repentance – A Gift From God –   41 Minutes
That’s almost 6 hours of hard to find of PURE Neville Goddard in this special series – you can download in minutes – and listen to almost anywhere on your computer, tablet, phone or mp3 player.
 You will be downloading your order within minutes, and we will also send you a back up copy of your order and download page in your email.   What a tremendous blessing these recordings are, we listen to them all the time while driving and in the garden.
Enjoy them tremendously and thank you for being a member of and supporting the Neville Goddard Community.
Have a wonderful day and remember to feel your ideal as real.
Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria