Neville Goddard MP3 – In His Own Voice #3

Hey mate,

When you listen to these lectures of Neville Goddard’s, you’ll notice that they are Neville in his typical style – with a special twist.  He starts all these lectures – with a question in mind.

It’s a really cool teaching method of his.   One that we really enjoy.

So here is the Official Lecture List of what is in this package:

1. What is man?

2. Where and when did it happen?

3. Who Am I? – Click here to listen.

4. Who Is Paul?

5. Who is Jesus Christ?

And a very special bonus recording:

6. Who is Jesus? (You’ve read Neville on this before I bet, but when you hear him live, this one will rock your world.

We are offering these special recordings today for just $12.

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Just like the other recordings we share, these were made in the good old days. The audio is best listened to through headsets on your mp3 player or computer, or through a decent set of speakers. We do our best to clean them up and make them totally modern. We are blessed to have the voice of Neville to listen to.