Neville Goddard In His Own Voice Volume 10 – The Law Lectures

Neville Goddard Audio LecturesHey mate,

“This is the deal of the decade – even if you doubled the price!  I can’t believe you are giving these away for less than $2 each!” – Tom (A very appreciative reader and community member.)

Neville Goddard in His Own Voice – Collection #10 – THE LAW Lecture Series.

You are getting today 7 FULL-LENGTH Neville Goddard lectures – all spoken by Neville Himself – in his own voice. This is the “I Am” series of lectures, where Neville shares his insights on I AM – in ways that are most amazing.

We will be listing more of the major points of interest contained in these recordings in this lecture series of Neville’s – In His Own Voice Volume 10.

  • You will learn how to enter into the mind, using 3 simple questions,  of any legend in your chosen field – or anyone who you want to learn from – so you can think like them – and reproduce their quality of work. 
  • How there is no fiction.  How one man created a work of fiction, that brought into his life the EXACT charectors he wrote about – in his work of fiction.
  • How “Christ” lives within you.   And why you never have to experience the struggle of the crucifixion or struggle in your life ever again.
  • Discover how Neville discovers powerful and life changing truths – in biblical stories – so that RELIGIOUS PROGRAMMING no longer holds you back.
  • Why choosing to manifest riches, wealth or stuff in your life can never hold you back spiritually.
  • Hear how NEVILLE personally transformed and grew – into the understandings that he shares.  
  • Neville talks about us “playing all the roles”, and what that really means, and how that eliminates suffering and poverty in your life.
  • How Neville taught to use the Law in your daily life, so that it works.
  • What to do when you create a charector or state in your life that you want to move beyond.     (And what not to do.)
  • And many many more in almost 5 hours of Neville Goddard in his own Voice.

These are the audio lectures you are getting – Neville Goddard In his own Voice Volume 10 – The Law Lectures:

  1. The Law Of Liberty – The Two Thieves – By Neville Goddard – 57 Minutes – Listen to it now, click here – Our Gift!
  2. The Law of Identical Harvest – By Neville Goddard – 46 Minutes
  3. The Messenger – By Neville Goddard – 44 Minutes
  4. The Rock – By Neville Goddard – 43 Minutes
  5. The Top Stone – By Neville Goddard – 46 Minutes
  6. The I Of Man – By Neville Goddard – 45 Minutes

PLUS THE SPECIAL BONUS: 7.  Eschatology – By Neville Goddard. 59 Minutes.

That’s almost 5 solid hours of Neville Goddard live!  These are all ORIGINAL – Neville Goddard recordings, in his own voice – not narrated by anyone else. Neville Goddard himself.  Hearing Neville’s voice live, brings these lectures to life, and will help you learn them and incorporate them into your life at a whole new level.

You will be downloading them within minutes – after payment – and clicking on the RETURN TO MERCHANT button. (We will also send you a personal email when we get up in the morning in Melburne, Australia – with a backup copy of your download page – in case you EVER need that.)

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