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Live Training – Melbourne, Australia May 6 to May 10, 2019 – Join us!

“I had a great time at the seminar!”

Twenty Twenty is just a great instructor of Neville’s work.  From the day we arrived, we sat down and discussed our goals and our setbacks, and TT got a feel for all of us.

He worked with each of us, and taught us what he uses to consistently get the results we want. I give the seminar my highest recommendation.


Joe Weldon

“Do you consider yourself to be someone who is adventurous and who determines their own destiny?”

Then imagine, getting on the plane TO GO BACK HOME from your time with us in Melbourne, Australia this October…..

  • You are gonna notice – YOU are different now. While you were here with us, something shifted, something changed.
  • You notice that you now see the world through a whole new set of eyes….
  • You get why we live like we do, why we do what we do, and why we want nothing but the best for you – in all areas of life.
  • You’ll be PLAYING heaps more EVERYWHERE in life – and enjoying all kinds of amazing shifts too!

And when you get back home from Australia….

Your home – your friends – your family – all that you do –  is gonna seem different too….
In the most lovely way….

While you are here…

You are going to discover how real we are – how amazing you are – and you’ll be exploring like we do on the LIVE CALLS.

Don’t expect to be blown away by a silly mansion with swimming pools and movie stars….

Because “surrounding yourself with luxury” doesn’t change ANYTHING.

(That’s like thinking going to an art gallery will make you an artist.)

(Or thinking that going to a dog kennel will turn you into a dog.)

Let’s talk REAL WORLD…


Those who have massive success and personal transformation….

They do that – because they have moved in consciousness.

They change at such a fundamental level that they perceive themselves and their world differently….

So when you come to Australia to explore and play live with us.…

Enjoy being welcomed into our REAL world, our REAL way of life, even into our REAL homes…

Here’s a SNEAK PEEK into our schedule….

(Monday and Tuesday have us “training” from 11 to 5 PM, with LUNCH built in.  If you have any special diet requests, or would like vegetarian food, let us know, so we can take care of that.  We’ve got plenty of vegetables in Australia, and the most lovely meats too.

We will take breaks, and the pace will be just right – we promise -we’ve been doing this for quite some time….

Wednesday is our PLAY DAY.

We officially “take one day off” – right in the middle of the program – so you can explore – rest – integrate big time -and come give us a visit in our home if you wish to. It’s like having a BACK STAGE PASS to come to our home from 2 PM and 8 PM

Thursday and Friday are were we dive even deeper.   


  • Don’t expect us to try to impress you with what’s in our heads….
  • Enjoy being touched by our hearts….
  • While we play (like we did in The Live Group Calls) and discover what’s REALLY possible for YOU….

It’s time to TOTALLY drop what’s been in your way for so long…..

Let’s dive in…

You’ve probably heard us talk about….

Learning is behaviour change….

  • It’s not having heaps of new notes when you go back home, or more things to do.
  • This isn’t about “working more”, it’s about LIVING MORE FULLY than most people think could even be possible.

And your behaviour changes instantly – when your perception changes….

If you’ve joined us Manifesting Mastery, you know what we are talking about.
(That whole course was an adventure for us – taking what we do live – and seeing how much we can put that into a training…..)

So here’s what matters most…

  • Don’t settle for sound bytes that give you answers…. they just lead to more questions.
    Dive DEEP into what gives you experiences – that change you.

Let’s dive into…

Patterns of Perception.

Mr Twenty Twenty has been leading experiential workshops that transform lives for over 25 YEARS….

And he’s NEVER made his people sit in chairs all day that suck, while he rambles to a whiteboard….

He plays…. and he invites YOU to play – where you didn’t know play was possible….

Let’s dive in….

He started 25 years ago, in the backwoods of Pennsylvania..

…leading spiritual seminars and retreats in the woods…

Teaching Native American skillsets – that had ancient wisdom teachings associated with them.

  • Learning how to rub two sticks together to make fire – was one way he taught to unleash your passion.
  • Learning how to move invisibly through the woods – is how he taught inner silence and moving meditation….
  • Learning how to track THE INVISIBLE TRACKS left behind by critters both big and super small- is how he taught advanced awareness.

Maybe you’ve noticed…

He doesn’t teach theory….
He invites you to new levels of direct experience.

  • And he won’t bore you with step by step how to bits….
  • You can get those FOR FREE in his articles…..
  • Which you’ll read in a whole new way – from an entirely different level – once you return home…

Here’s what’s gonna have happened while you are here….

What you are gonna notice FAST is that you are having fun and some how “different” because of…..

“The closest thing you are gonna find to how we do a workshop is in the LIVE GROUP calls we’ve been offering to MM members…… They aren’t lecture or entertainment…. They are full of FUN AND FLIRTING…..

When you come to Australia…..

For many people – that’s gonna be a stretch at first….
Moving something off your “bucket list” and onto your…..

Want in this SMALL personal workshop?

Email us TODAY at: and let us know NOW.

Prerequisite: Manifesting Mastery Membership

You must be a member of Manifesting Mastery to attend this 5 day special event / workshop.

Your Investment:  $1,200 USD (for Manifesting Mastery Members only)

This includes lunches – snacks and drinks during the seminar, supplies and swag (cool stuff you’ll take home – just for fun.


Do I need a Passport and a Visa?

If you are coming in from anywhere overseas, you will need a valid passport and visa or evisa to enter Australia.  Most travelers should be able to get a “evisa” to enter Australia pretty easy…. They were about $30 bucks for a tourist evisa, when I came in.

If you don’t have a passport – that is valid for your stay in Australia – GET ONE NOW!

If you do…


Can I drive while I am in Australia?

In most cases, if you have a valid drivers license you sure can.  And we suggest you do, why not explore a bit while you are here. HINT:  Stay an extra week, we might have some adventures in mind and surprises for you if you do!

Where can I stay?

Here are two local hotels you can stay in. They are just 5 minutes from our home and on the way to our workshop site in Kangaroo Ground.



There are some way cool looking places on AIRBNB too you might want to check into too.  Searching for Eltham, Victoria, Australia 3095 should get you close by!

Paul rented a caravan in October, and we even had a few folks bring tents…

(Talk to us about your options!)

When are my training dates:

May 6, 2019 to May 10, 2019.

If you can – stay for an extra week – just for fun.  At the very least, come a few days early, stay a few days late.  We could share some AMAZING adventures together both in the countryside and in the amazing city of Melbourne.

(It’s gonna be sort of like the LIVE CALLS we’ve been doing, with call kinds of cool exploring and play happening. )


The workshop will be at Kangaroo Ground, Bend of Islands, at the Maxwell’s home….
(About 20 minutes from my chair, here in Eltham, Victoria 3095…)

Class times will be from 11:00 to 5:00 PM, a goodie lunch included with heaps of play.  Back in May, everyone also decided to come on over and be on the Feel It Real Fun show too, which is 8:00 AM – then a quick trip to the dog park and our SPECIAL time together begins again.

WHAT AIRPORT do I fly into?

Fly into Tullamarine airport in Melbourne, Australia as your destination.

What EXACTLY are we going to cover?

We can’t possibly EXPLAIN what we will have EXPLORED and how you will have EXPANDED after playing LIVE with us for a week…

(If you are wondering WHAT we will be doing, it will be play and exploration like we do on the live recordings – except we will have the time to go MUCH MUCH DEEPER…



Should I rent a car?

You could, but you don’t have to.  That is TOTALLY up to you.  Either one, will give you plenty of sights to see and adventures to treasure.  Back in May, everyone stayed local – and shared uber rides.   That was GOOD FUN, especially bonfire night!

Do you have UBER?

Uber is alive and well in Australia.   Yasemin Maxwell was a rockstar setting up local rides and uber back in May.  She would be happy to help you on your time here too.

See you here!

TT and V

Email us:

PS:  The questions we suggest you ask yourself NOW, that will ROCK your world are:

  • “WHO will I have become?”
  • “HOW many ways will that give to my life, my family, my dreams?”

Welcome to Australia!

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