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Free Neville Goddard – Master Your Mind

Listen to this 9 minute sample – for free. Our gift.

Mindmastery – The Gift Recording.

Rinehart, F. A. (Frank A.) (photographer)Here’s the deal.

What if ONE simple shift in how you THOUGHT about your mind – made you more productive, peaceful, and awakened within you a deep sense of purpose. It’s possible. I know this first hand. You will too in just a moment.

What you are about to listen to – our treat – might make perfect sense to you instantly – or it might sound a tiny bit out there at first. But I can guarantee you this, if you just entertain what you hear, a tiny simple possible truth – one that is shared by many Native American Tribal Elders – and shared by today’s cutting edge behavior scientists – your entire life might change substancially.

“When I hear something ANCIENT that matches cutting edge science – I perk up – I stop what I am doing – I want to find out more. Because something simple like this – often changes your life forever.”

NOTE: I will almost guarantee that you haven’t heard this ANYWHERE before. But once you listen in, odds are you will be much more at peace, much more productive, and that you will find that controlling your mind – directing your thoughts – and creating change is much easier and much faster for you.

Mindmastery – The Gift Recording.

So real quick.  (Read this only after listening in.)

Ancient wisdom and cutting edge behavioral and neurological researchers AGREE with ancient Native American Wisdom teachings. We appear to have MULTIPLE MINDS. And we can accomplish – create – generate great things in life. All we need to do is get “all of our minds on THE SAME TEAM. And as a bonus – that very act removes room for confusion, stress, fear and doubt.

And until we get all of your MINDS working together in perfect harmony – then odds are you are getting INCONSISTENT results, experiencing stress, frustration and maybe even unexplainable fears, and you can’t figure out why.

In the full length recording you will be learning:

  • How Native American Elders identified and worked with the FOUR PRIMARY MINDS of man.
  • You will learn how to lead and focus your MULTIPLE MINDS instantly.
  • You will learn a very simple meditation that will give you very powerful results – in just minutes a day.
  • You will have THE MINDMASTERY HANDBOOK to reference – ANYTIME – ANYWHERE.
  • You will know exactly how we made our minds ALMOST COMPLETELY UNMANAGABLE and you will learn how to lead your mind EFFORTLESSLY.

You are learning all that, so you can manifest, generate, and create change in your life – MUCH MUCH FASTER than you ever thought possible – so that you can eliminate stress and worry once and for all – and so that you can finally get Neville’s Methods to work for you LIKE THEY DID FOR HIM.

Listen to these recordings, and then tell me if you don’t agree that Neville Goddard had HIS TEAM of minds ALL ENTIRELY on the same page – focused on the same objective – and working as we show you how – IN COMPLETE HARMONY.

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NOTE: Please click, “Return to Merchant” when finished ordering. That will take you directly to the download page – directory. If there is any problem with paypal or with your order please send us an email at so we can take care of that pronto for you. We also send out manually, personal thank you emails with download instructions every few hours – unless we are sleeping. Enjoy the recordings, email us anytime and thank you for taking the time to do what matters most – take charge of your mind – your life – your future. Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria.

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  1. How to gain control over your thoughts – what Native American's can teach us – and neuro scientists agree upon.

  2. There is nothing as powerful as the teachings of Neville, and there is no more complete collection of this philosophy than Mr. 20/20 is a catalyst of consciousness by his work.

  3. Thank you mate. Many blessings.

  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you. How does the power pack come? I am leaving for a couple of weeks and I would like to take material with me.

  5. Hi Monalisa, The Power Pack comes in downloadable mp3 and pdf files, so you'll be dodwnloading them within minutes onto your computer. And remember, if you need any help, we are always just an email away. Blessings.

  6. Karen sinclair says:

    There comes a time in searching for Truth that you simply stop searching/learning and just BE. Too much/too many thought systems lead us down a rabbit hole. Single mind many minds mindless……time to simply breath.

  7. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Nicely put Karen.

    What Neville asked us to to – is to test – to experience.

    He shared not a belief system, but an experience. And he only taught, what he experienced.

    That’s why we do, what we do. Sharing our experiences, invites you to explore yours.