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Free Neville Goddard Lectures – I am The Reality Called Imagination – Part 1

I am The Reality Called Imagination – Exclusive transcript and one of the many free Neville Goddard lectures on

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I am The Reality Called Imagination – Part 1

We will be here every Monday and Friday through april. Same place, same time. I think you will find tonight a very practical message. But to understand it we must go back, and see if you really believe the same thing. I make the claim that the eternal body of man is the Imagination. And that is God himself. The one we speak of in scripture as Jesus Christ. Now we are told in scripture to examine ourselves to see whether we are holding to the faith.

“Test yourself”, said Paul. Do you not realize that Jesus Christ is in you? Unless of course you fail to the meet the test. Now you just had the test, and you and you alone can judge if you have failed or not. You heard the word, Jesus Christ, you heard the word God. Now if it conveyed the sense of an existent something outside of man, you failed the test. If when you hear the word God, the word Jesus Christ, the word Lord, and the mind jumps to something outside of you, outside of man, you failed the test.

Now we are told, “by him all things were made, and without him was not anything made that was made”, and that I tell you is your own wonderful human Imagination. What is now proved in the world, was once only imagined. And this is the greatest of all secrets, the secret of imagining. Something that you and I and everyone in the world should strive to understand, for the secret of imagining is the greatest of all problems to the solution of which everyone should aspire. For supreme power, supreme wisdom, supreme delight lies in the solution of this mystery. When you actually discover it, you discover God. You are finding the creative power of the universe, and when you find him, he is your own wonderful human imagination. We can only barely scratch the surface of this mystery.

One, imagination it seems will little for our wish until we have imagined the wish fulfilled. As Shakespere said, “it has been taught us from the primal state, that that which is – was wished, until it were”. So you and I want something, and we define our objective, how to realize it, if this power is within us then we are the operant power. We do not seek anyone on the outside, it is simply within us.

“Well how do I operate it?” If I could put it in this simple little frame, the subjective appropriation of the objective hope, is the way to success. It is imagining as if it were true. “What would the feeling be like, if it were true?”

Neville Goddard Audio - In His Own Voice #2 - Click hereSo I start from the feeling of the wish fulfilled. I must begin by feeling, that I have already arrived. I have already achieved my goal. And catch the mood that would be mine if it were true and then wear that mood. If I wear that mood as if it were true, I will realize it in my world.

A friend of mine was hear tonight, and she thought she had failed….

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  1. LOVE IT! Yes I passed it and did over 20 yrs ago. Thanks for sharing Mr. Twenty Twenty.