Download Page – Candid Creation

Hey mate,

Thank you for ordering the Candid Creation Package.

To download the recordings, just RIGHT click on each link below, and select the SAVE option. This will save your files to your computer.

Candid Creation #1 – True Creative Power.   What is it that you really want?  (Identify this, and your imaginal power will truly soar.

Candid Creation #2 – Imagining Doubt and why many people don’t respond to therapy or positive input of any kind as quickly or completely as they want to.

Candid Creation #3 – Fraud – Fake – Liar.    This recording explores the very subtle and universal fears and programming that we see just about everyday blocking someone’s blessings.

The St. Augustine Meditation – How we apply three tiny phrases of St. Augustine’s to every session we have – and WOW what a difference they make for us.  (I bet they will for you too.)

Salt – Symbolism – Shamanics – Healing and creation truly do involve symbolism and when you hear how “salt” shows up in my life – both symbolically and literally – you’ll probably notice some really “weird” things that have been holding you back from your blessings too.