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“I’ve spoken with TT twice and both times were like medicine. With his warm and generous spirit he dove in with me and personalized those tiny shifts in perspective that really do have an immediate effect if applied. He helped me to unravel some of the knots in my mind regarding how to make these teachings work for me. Absolutely invaluable!” – Alice Fern – April 17, 2015 – Talk to you Wednesday!

dateHey mate,

If you’ve wanted to do one on one coaching with us, but didn’t have the time or cash to do the 10 week Money Mastermind (that we offer 3 times a year) or if you wanted sessions completely personalized to you and your needs…

You are going to love this.  (For the Month of May only.)

As a member of Manifesting Mastery you can get three 45 minute private coaching sessions – for just $500 – instead of paying $500 for  ONE private coaching session, like everyone else.

That’s like getting 3 coaching sessions for the price of just ONE,

But we only have a few time slots available – so dive in if you feel ready to.

Imagine what your life will be like, the shifts you are going to make and the success you are going to have from our private coaching sessions.

  • Private Phone Sessions where you’ll get your questions answered.
  • Private Phone Sessions where we discover exactly what’s been holding you back – and eliminate it.
  • Private Phone Sessions where you and I develop for you exactly what you need now – to dial it up a level higher. 
  • Private Phone Sessions where you get , the personal 1 on 1 guidance you need on the spot.

Before choosing your personal private confidential coaching call time and day remember:

(All times and dates in London – UK day and time – so if you don’t live in that time zone, please take just a moment and convert the time into your time zone to make sure when our available times are in your time zone – so they work for you. We are going to have big fun, and your life is going to change big time.)

Let’s dive in:  Here are Mr Twenty Twenty’s available times.

Your calls will be on May 14, May 21, May 28

Your calls will be on May 14, May 21, May 28


All one on one coaching calls are done by calling a USA phone number (it’s just like you calling to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) or on skype.  That makes it simple and easy for you.

Please call on time, because we want you to get the full benefit from your calls.

It’s going to be great working live with you.


Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria


April 18, 2015
If you are considering signing up for the coaching sessions, give yourself this gift. My one on one calls with Twenty were amazing. During our conversation, he could pick up on slight hesitations in my voice and see issues that I wasn’t even aware were a concern. Twenty has the ability to get to the heart of the matter and reframe it so that the truth of the situation comes into clarity.  After our first session, Twenty said that I was forever changed by our session. When I looked in the mirror after the call, I was glowing from the inside out! Truly an amazing and life altering experience!

Coach Barbie

April 17 2015 
Thank you so much for the wonderful coaching!  I’ve been a student of New Thought generally, and Neville specifically, for a number of years, and your teaching is the only place I’ve found that so powerfully grows my understanding.  Your combination of knowledge, wisdom, humor, and compassion makes it fun and easy to explore consciousness, at more and more profound levels. 

Our calls together provide me with focused time and attention to delve deeper, to dissolve any hangups, and learn to see past seeming obstacles.  With your help, I’ve moved past longstanding struggles in imagining, and found more-playful ways to engage with my thoughts, and with everything in my world.Peace, love, and gratitude,


“When I got the opportunity to join you in live sessions, there wasn’t any doubt about it! It is a blessing to talk to you one on one, and to get the opportunity to ask you about anything.. You give my the encouragement I need to keep exploring, and you have helped me to relax and be confident while working on my desire! And it is so cool the way you can “see” me and ask me the right questions or say the right things to make me understand it all in new ways.. I definitely feel like I’ve got through some big changes these last few weeks, and I can’t thank you enough! Lot’s off love and a big blessing to you Mr TT!” – M. G. – August 2014

“Twenty, I cannot begin to express how much your site and the coaching calls have helped me. Speaking with you while doing the 90 day Manifesting Mastery program allowed me to ask questions, address issues, and make my Feel It Real sessions more effective. I’m excited to share your insights and Neville with my nieces so they have the opportunity to create their world and wake up before they reach high school. Yet, the best part of the live one-on-one coaching was the opportunity to share, laugh, and make a friend! I can’t wait until “we” come to Australia and visit you and Victoria in the garden! Thanks again and much bliss!” – L.A. July 2014

Hi TT & V,

Well I believe in one our coaching sessions maybe half way through you brought up the question. How do you think that you have changed.
I have never really given it much thought. You feel like you are progressing. That’s normal. but when I actually started to write down the things that I had noticed. It was amazing yes. But what was more amazing is that it all seemed quite natural.

And it was more and more natural to just watch the daily manifestations continually show up. There are two many to write down. I just go of course. That’s what I asked for.

So this is a biggy! The “expectation” that creates the end of the movie!! Which is the “feeling” in the feel it real session that puts you right in the middle of what is happening.

I’m not sure if that is a shift or maybe just a feeling of expanding into the scene. But I will say it’s light years from where I started a few months ago.

Revision is now part of the ongoing day! Something infects my state. It gets revised immediately. That one in itself is a real biggie!!
For me I am, and that feels great. Like Neville said in one of his books. Create like our father creates! Not just one thing. Like the rice cooking. Do it like the lima bean dish. And let it simmer to perfection. And go on and create many more things. Plant, plant, plant!!!

Just writing that, it feels like you can create anything and have fun doing it! I love hearing other peoples stories of there successes. It lifts up everyone! So please share!

Be Well!
Peace and Blessings

I have been following a path for a while now and i find that every so often i get off track , stuck ,and a bit confused. It’s like I cant seem to go deeper. Mr Twenty Twenty and his insight and his Nevilizing has pulled me closer and deepened my spirit.

What happened for me in the course was that it opened up another way of coming at my spiritual understanding. The shift in me has been quite profound. I notice that my demonstration of my life is so much easier and gentler and kinder. Drama is very uncomfortable now, and significantly reduced.

I feel as though I love more.

The coaching sessions were the key for me and I realised that there is a big difference between knowing and doing. I am so glad i did the coaching it opened up my mind.

Okay, thats it i think. Funny really I have said a lot but still haven’t expressed what i want to say , maybe there are no words !!! Looking forward to more calls with you.


I received coaching from Mr. TT while I was taking the Manifesting Mastery series in which I was enrolled.   Mr TT really helped me apply Neville’s teachings to what was going on in my life real time.  One of the best parts is that he was able to answer my questions and help me to see things from a perspective I hadn’t considered before.

What I also loved was that he would imagine good outcomes for me – so with him on my side, I felt primed for success.  Although the Manifesting Mastery course is now finished, I will continue coaching sessions, though on a more limited basis. – Amy R. – USA