Coaching Special

“Many thanks. I so appreciate your work and I have journeyed eons since beginning with you.” – Jacqueline F.

“You’ve done a brilliant job in putting this all together. The experiential nature of it all was, in my opinion, what really allows everyone to “GET IT.” And the fact that you answer individual emails — unbelievable! — but tremendously appreciated.” – Linda

“Dear Mr.20-20 and Victoria,  I don’t know how to thank you for helping me out with my life.I have done the course ”Manifesting Mastery” and still I go through the lessons from the beginning because there is so much to learn from the lessons.  I have been manifesting miracles and the lessons have given me more clarity of thoughts.  I remain grateful to you…forever.  Regards and blessings.” – R.U.


I am enjoying the course and learning much from it. In just over a month I have become totally addicted to my morning email from you and listening to the lecture and spending the day trying to work and concentrate on the message of the day. I am succeeding on some things, so I know success is close on the other things but it is not their time to sprout yet.  Thank you,  Larry B. Newman – Larry Newman Printing Tennessee 

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Good Morning,

I’m keeping a journal. Discovering!!! Loving this!!!! Thank you for adding the NLP of money. I listened to Lesson 5 today, what an eye opener for me. I’m that busy person who wonders what people are going to think about me when money is overflowing for me and whether I’m worthy of it in the first place, looking to the future knowing something good is there and sometimes talks about the past, (both sides). This is changing my life. I’m so excited everyday to wake up and see what’s next!!!


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Dear TT & V, 
Late September when I decided to sign up for the manifesting mastery course, I had initial hesitation (because there are so many courses out there promising you the sun and the moon that it made me wary) but decided it would give me something valuable in the long run. While signing up I made sure that I had no feeling of “sacrificing” or a feeling of lack in fact I thought, I’ll make this money many times over and when I look back in a few weeks it will seem silly that I even had to think about it. 
What is interesting is that I didn’t receive any unexpected money but I did receive unexpected gifts within the first couple of weeks – of things I had intended to purchase and which cost about $300. I spent more than I usually do in a month but each time I spent money I had this immense feeling of gratitude and at the end of the month when I checked I saved extra money which was little more than 10 times the cost of the course. Not too shabby. I no longer feel stress to look at my bank statement. I’m looking forward to seeing large deposits in it. As Neville would say, its already there.  
By following your daily exercises of being more aware of my thoughts I have plugged leaks of not just my power to create and manifest but in my finances as well. The latter I wasn’t even aware I was doing. 
Thank you TT & V for what you do!
Warm regards,
V.P.  New York City


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“Why don’t you do live coaching sessions?” Great question mate. We live in Australia, and most of our clients are in the UK and the USA. The times where most people want coaching or training are when I am sleeping. Plus, I am busy running other business ventures and want to keep my time free for those. This way, you are getting the exact same lessons and action steps – for just pennies on the dollar.

UPDATE: We do now do live skype and phone sessions – mainly with clients who have worked with this program first. If you want to schedule a session email us at for details.

“Do I get any live coaching time with you in this program?” Not in this program. Normally, we charge $200 for a 60 minute consulting call or $1,500 for a weekend. We can’t give away that kind of time, especially late at night or early in the morning. (We are trying to live semi normal lives here.) You do get unlimited email support though, even though most people who have done this work with us email us only a few times a month. This training is designed to help you quickly and effectively eliminate what gets in the way of you Nevillizing powerfully and quickly what you want in the world.

“What if I am not happy with the program?” Just email us at during the first 60 days, and we will cheerfully refund your money, and you can keep the training and the bonuses FREE, our gift.

WEEK 1 TESTIMONIAL: I want to tell you – honestly in 4 days this is what has happened, my 13 year marriage was in shambles and family life was a misery. In under 4 days – doing the steps you outlined (I also was continuing to read/listen/use the lessons from your email from the basic newsletter you send out regularly) – SAVED MY MARRIAGE! Not only that, rekindled love and hope in both of us – and he didn’t even do the steps – it was like magic. I am grateful and gushing with joy. The thing is – as you say – it is just so darn simple no one would believe it! But I just did the lessons. On day 2 I did the exercise for about 2 hours throughout the day because I had so many opportunities that needed seeing newly. There was a breakthrough that happened that shifted my world. Anyway, I wanted to tell you. Simple – powerful. It works true miracles. THANK YOU BOTH! – Evelyn Wakefield


2020 and Victoria,    Thank you so much for making this program available. I have been studying Neville for at least 2 years. I read his Power of Awareness over and over again. As I change I find new insight as I study the pages.  “Be ye doers” struck me hard the first time I read it. I was looking for accountability when I coincidently ( ya right ) found your site.

In this first week, I was able to over come an impass in my marriage. A situation with my wife that I just could not get past. The perceived , by me , problem has floated away , not stuffed,  like a cloud passing in the sky. Aligning with Spirit and through prayer and meditation I have been able to change the way I looked at the situation. It is like this huge weight has been lifted and the wall is down. So true about watching or listening to the news. I like your term about the ‘ trigger trap ” makes absolute sence to me. I have some problem with ‘ X doesn’t exist. I have read Course of miricles. I remenber that suggestion right off the bat. I think you are really trying to get me to drop the attachments to things. Like you were saying in lesson 7 and the daily sessions. It’s like trying to read your mail without opening it first. It’s okay to share this email if you like. Thank you so much, Greg

Hi Twenty and Victoria.

 I am so grateful for the pace of this week’s lessons, because you are quite right; once you get it, you can really grasp it, and things can change, big time. A couple of things I noticed: (just in week 1 of Manifesting Mastery)
  1. I’m very sensitive kinesthetically, especially where my body is concerned. I’ll imagine all kinds of things. And it doesn’t matter. This lesson alone is worth the entire course. I could say so much more but will leave it there. Big a-ha.
  2. My husband was leaving for work and it seemed like he was going to say something and didn’t. In the past I might imagine what he was going to say, maybe text him during the day or talk to him when he got home. Just a lot of needless imagining. When this occurred I registered it as “doesn’t matter”, and dropped it. It wasn’t anything.
  3. I had to step down from an exclusive group because, in part, much of the focus is on negative, potential future stuff. And I don’t want to lend my attention to it. It started with good, high intentions, but now so much of it is a response to someone’s potential doom and gloom. I didn’t like the way it made me feel much of the time.
  4. My sister called me to talk about a wedding she attended. So much of what she was talking about was her imagination of what might be going on there. We had a good chuckle about it, since what she thought might be happening might not be happening at all, and that what was concerning her had nothing to do with the wedding itself!
  5. Today a truck from our gas company was outside the house. We have had a major leak on the street for years that the company is supposed to repair. But today they were using these devices, making holes in the street, etc. It was fascinating to observe this and say, “This does not mean anything. It does not mean what I imagine it does.”
  6. You mentioned talk radio. So much of what passes for news and information these days is someone’s opinion. You are essentially giving the speaker your attention (imaginal power) for his/her imagination. More and more, I want to keep my attention for my own, for my own centered, focused imagination. I don’t listen to talk radio.  I also thought the Oprah drama of her experience in a designer handbag shop in Switzerland (she said her not being given a handbag to look at was due to race when other information points to a simple misunderstanding of language) was all about imagined meaning. 
The net of all this is that I realize I am a super, high-output power plant of imagination! Look at all this raw material, this raw energy! And I’ve been running at full power but minimum efficiency with lack of intent and focus. This is a clarion call to me about how I want to use my imagination.
I’m very happy with the program and am grateful I enrolled!
Best, K
Hi TT and Victoria,
One of the first things I started doing with Neville is that I wanted to be taken seriously, as an artist.  Also, I wanted to exhibit my work with higher caliber artists and in better galleries than I had been at that point.  A little later I shared that with a friend who said, “No, you want to be successful as an artist, don’t worry about being taken seriously.” 
Fast forward six months later, I was accepted into a juried art show in a nicer gallery than where I have previously exhibited my work..  The gallery features high caliber artists, many with formal education in art.  The curator for the gallery mentioned that when the judges saw my work, they immediately wanted it in the show.  The two judges are comprised of an art professor and a nationally known artist.  My first Neville attempt at being taken seriously as artist has manifested, even when I switched my attention to thinking in terms of financial gain.  I suspect that might be next.
Thanks,  John – USA

I have something amazing to share…I earn quiet decent salary being a lecturer in a Jr.College but everytime before month end I am broke waiting for the next salary.I spend a lot on books and this month I was tempted to buy manifesting mastery course by twenty-twenty.It costed me around 7000 INR – almost 1/3rd of my salary.I thought I will make up for it over next few months. I did the regular exercises mentioned in the course and sometimes even repeated everything from the start.I started it in october and I see that this particular month (october) I had saved 7000 INR !! I was so engrossed in all the lessons that I noticed it during the month end that I wasnt broke like other months but have saved exactly the same amount that I had spent on buying the pack!! Isnt it amazing!! Thank you Mr.20-20 !! – Raji

Day 90

This has been an amazing and wonderful journey with you. Your sincerity and kindness shine through!
My life at the beginning of the 90 days is dramatically different. Just in the last 2 weeks I’ve had a $3K, 2K and 500+ checks come in – SURPRISES from a job I did the first week we started – that went national! I had no idea how it would happen – but I FELT IT REAL! I did the work (simple and beautiful it is) but you have to do it!

I HIGHLY recommend this to anyone and everyone for REAL and lasting shifts that are positive and profound yet simple enough to be real. It’s just right! Thanks Mr. Twenty Twenty and Victoria – thank you so very much!

Love Stephana

Dear Mr. Twenty Twenty and Victoria,

Today was the best day of the entire week — in fact the best day in a long time. I usually print out the session the night before so it will be ready for me to read first thing the next morning. I had glimpsed last evening, the bit about deciding what you truly most want. So, I was thinking during the night, “Wow, they are probably going to ask us to prioritize and decide what is most important to manifest first.” Actually, the recording was anything but that, however that had been my impression. So I started obsessing, “What am I going to tell them? I want all of this stuff — every bit of it is important,” and on and on from there. But listening to the two of you, it came to me that I most wanted to be peaceful, relaxed, full of love and joy, and live from that state. It was such a relief and felt natural. Now, keep in mind, I fully intend to manifest all of this stuff — heck, I’m studying “Mastering Manifesting!” but I do believe this state of relaxation and joy is what I most want now, and I thank you for walking me up to the river and enabling me to drink in this beautiful insight.

I also was deeply blessed by the session on separation, as I had been experiencing some rather distressing fear about, “What if this happens?” That session was particularly helpful. And man, those eye stretches really work!!

Many blessings this week and I thank you both so very much.
Linda – Session 35

Thank you Mr. T.T.

I have noticed I am becoming a lot nicer to my husband since doing the courses and constantly repeating to myself the FEELINGS of I am love and I am loved. Consequently he is being much nicer to me. I maintain these feelings in my new home with him and see him just as I did years ago. I do the same with my 2 boys. I am maintaining my FEELINGS of love; joy; peace and happiness all day long. My friends at yoga have noticed it as well especially my yoga teachers. One of them made a comment about how he could feel the energy coming from me. My practice is almost perfect and I have my own mantras to keep me focused so I maintain my STATES while in class. If I happen to fall off my horse (as Neville would say), I get right back in the saddle and say “Thank You Father”.

I am just loving the course and the other courses I am doing, Feel It Real and the “Prosperity Pack”, plus all the other material I have.


Dear Mr. Twenty Twenty and Victoria!

What an interesting week! Thank You! I was thrilled to get to see Victoria — Beautiful!! What a spectacular smile and all that gorgeous thick hair. Now I must start Feeling it Real for beautiful hair!! 🙂

OK, here was my breakthrough. I believe I told you that I have been carrying around a list of 10 goals for over two years now and haven’t manifested a one of them! This was after having manifested some pretty awesome things in the past. Now, I have heard for years that the way to reach your goals is to write them down and read them over and over — preferably three times a day. So, I have that list on my writing desk, in my purse, by my wingback chair where I like to read, and probably 4 or 5 other places — it hasn’t worked!! Suddenly it occurred to me, “You know, Linda, Mr. Twenty Twenty has never one time mentioned making a list!” Then it hit me — of course!! Whenever I look at the list I’m seeing what I want — in other words what I don’t have. I put all those lists away. One I tucked into my writing desk and now this is my Feel it Real: I’m at a point in time when I open that desk drawer looking for something and just happen to find that list. And then I smile with joy and gratitude as I realize every single thing on that list is now in my life!! This feels SO much better than reading over that list.

I must tell you one more thing, Mr. Twenty Twenty. Your Neville Goddard Coffee Club #6 about the lemon was the most powerful thing I’ve ever heard!!! Sometimes I have difficulty really getting into the feeling state, but I tried sucking on that lemon, puckering up at how sour it was, actually moving my body with “Oh, this is just so sour!” Then, I superimposed my “State of the Wish Fulfilled” and found it was easy to experience it with my whole body — with all my senses. I did this several times and it worked every time! Thank you SO SO much!!

All the best to the two of you wonderful people!


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Hi TT & V,

As always thanks for all of the excellent coaching! Greatly appreciated. This is how the story
unfolded. The last 3-4 days have had there moments of frustration. Lots of practice not adding meaning
to things. Ha Ha, but excellent practice. It’s great to have the tools.

But what happened this afternoon was shocking! To say the least. Another couple of events happened today and the meaning that I added to them was not beneficial to say the least.

And then something happened. It just happened. No forewarning, not, I can change the meaning. None of that. It was like something instantaneously snapped inside of me. Actually as I write about it. It was more like, “I” woke up.

I was experiencing frustration and I just all of a sudden said. Wait a minute, “I” get to choose! I get to choose!!, Nobody else, just me!! I get to choose. And the power that came from that was just incredible. I am still feeling it!!

In fact I just got back from paddle boarding, where I was jumping up and down on my paddle board saying out loud to myself and the beavers. I get to choose!!! Me, nobody else, I am in charge and this is the way that I see it playing out. And it did, better than I thought it would.

You had told me during our coaching call a week or so ago that I can choose to instead of, I want to. Which I had been doing. But when I added, “I”, get to choose. The energy just came flying out of me!! Wow!! Very empowering. I will be adding that feeling to all of my feel it real sessions.

Yes, one simple word! “I”, get to choose, like it’s my right! I am God, so, yes I get to choose!! I get to choose everything!!

Thanks again!

Have a great night!

Peace and Blessings!

Hi TT & V

Thank you both so much for being in this journey together.It has been a different life since I came across & started doing the Manifesting Mastery program.

MM session 62 ( Last part of Pure In Heart ). Something happened to me after reading it again & again.I have been doing Feel It Real sessions but that question of when it will happen was not leaving me subconciously.When I read abt how Abdullah shut the door on Neville ( although I hv read it before in the free lectures ) & then heard your sharing in session 63 …I took on Abdullah’s attitude on whatever I desire. I told myself when I already have what I want there is no discussion about it ( & all my mind chaterring stopped )
Something happened in just 12 hours which looked like a miracle from 6 months.But when it happened it looked like the most natural thing to happen. I had to actually convince myself that this happened coz my consciousness unconsciously accepted it….

Its a beautiful journey & I can’t thank you both enough.


Hey Mr Twenty Twenty your work is awesome and greatly needed and appreciated I see the differences in my approach to life and my feelings about myself. Your work is confirming my own thoughts and giving me the confidence to believe truly in what I have been thinking. Thank you the lesson the other day on…. Donald L.

Hi Twenty twenty and Victoria…

Thank you for the Manifesting Mastery…

It has been really good to get your emails daily….and “dwell in the delight” ….

To have your everyday language translate Neville’s teaching even further has/is fantastic…

Now to hold onto this ultimate feeling of “freedom” and wish this for everyone I/we encounter.
less forcing….and more feeling it real….whilst participating in areas that do make us smile!

Thank you both for the support you give so that I can continue to be an example of experiencing the new realities of my imagination….. Even amongst tricky experiences.”

TT and V,

In Lesson 13 you thanked us for investing in ourselves by doing this course. I can’t agree more. I see it as a valuable investment. One of the best I’ve made. 
There are several things I’ve noticed, including me being more aware of the argumentative conversations I’ve had in my head and changing them into congratulatory ones. I known and have been teaching for some time that the majority of our conflicts with people take place in our head. So, I’m catching myself when I go into those.
I’m really fortunate to have a wife that I can share my excitement about learning this with and we awake each morning to journal and then I listen to the Manifesting Mastery session while she listens to a guided meditation from a program she’s currently doing. I then meditate and write insights I get from this.
My life is more peaceful and I’m gaining more confidence. I’m more present and alive with people, laughing and being spontaneous in conversations as opposed to thinking things through and wondering how what I say will be received. It’s a wonderful thing!
Thanks so much! J. G.

You know, I feel like doing the whole program over again from day one. Victoria, thank you for bringing to mind thinking of six impossible things before breakfast. It now often puts a smile on my face. Like you, I preferred Wonderland when I read them years ago. Will have to look into Looking Glass again.
I had starting to feel a little silly about getting flashes about my “alternate” life throughout my working day, twinges of “this is magical thinking” and so on. Just at that time, another member (Marcus) of the daily blog wrote to seek clarification on exactly this issue. Your two “Remember When Methods” pretty much outlined what I had been doing intuitively, if not systematically. What a happy rush! I will keep on keepin’ on.

I can’t tell you how valuable this program has been for me. I came upon it at such a critical point in my life. Your daily doses of coaching are so well-designed – am so grateful it was affordable.

Thanks !

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Jan 31, 2013

Dear Mr. Twenty Twenty and Victoria,

I can’t begin to tell the two of you what a profound life-changing journey the Manifesting Mastery has been for me. As I’ve told you, I’ve read Neville for years, but for the first time I feel like I can and will create in powerful ways that I used to just ponder. The last several sessions, particularly paying attention to the tone “The Opera” and all of the comments about how we are always manifesting meaning especially resonated with me. I know you’ve said these things before, but I feel like I’m grasping it now as never before.

Now here’s the thing. It has occurred to me that I have essentially been practicing scales throughout all the sessions. As a former piano teacher, I understand how important it is to master the scales (technique) before you can really play Brahms Rhapsodies and Chopin Ballades, so I don’t think my practicing scales was all bad. My plan now is to take the entire course again (I’ve saved all the links) beginning January 1, with the intent of using all this technique to play some fabulous music!

You’ve done a brilliant job in putting this all together. The experiential nature of it all was, in my opinion, what really allows everyone to “GET IT.” And the fact that you answer individual emails — unbelievable! — but tremendously appreciated.

I wish you both a blessed, happy, prosperous and Wonderful New Year 2014!! It’s bound to be great!

Many Blessings 🙂

Hey Mr Twenty,

I just finished your 90 day course. The course was absolutely awesome from beginning to end. I love the first few lessons on how you teach not to judge on outer appearances because we don’t know what is really going on. The course for me helped put Life in perspective. It did so in seed form which I really appreciate. I highly recommend this program and any other program that you offer. Another of my favorites is the Feel it Real program. It really helped and is continuing to help me in my journey. The main thing form is that you really emphasized the seemingly small things that I was doing wrong. I am seeing results in my life also. Things are changing financially and my self image is changing in ways unparalleled. Again thanks Twenty for helping to revitalize a literal god in the self help/ metaphysical community and bridging NLP with spirituality in a seamless fashion. – Donald – 14 January 2014

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