August 2014 – Mentoring – Coaching Special

“When I got the opportunity to join you in live sessions, there wasn’t any doubt about it! It is a blessing to talk to you one on one, and to get the opportunity to ask you about anything.. You give my the encouragement I need to keep exploring, and you have helped me to relax and be confident while working on my desire! And it is so cool the way you can “see” me and ask me the right questions or say the right things to make me understand it all in new ways.. I definitely feel like I’ve got through some big changes these last few weeks, and I can’t thank you enough! Lot’s off love and a big blessing to you Mr TT!” – M. G. – August 2014

Twenty, I cannot begin to express how much your site and the coaching calls have helped me. Speaking with you while doing the 90 day Manifesting Mastery program allowed me to ask questions, address issues, and make my Feel It Real sessions more effective. I’m excited to share your insights and Neville with my nieces so they have the opportunity to create their world and wake up before they reach high school. Yet, the best part of the live one-on-one coaching was the opportunity to share, laugh, and make a friend! I can’t wait until “we” come to Australia and visit you and Victoria in the garden! Thanks again and much bliss!” – L.A. July 2014

Hey mate,

If you have been wanting to work with us 1 on 1, but didn’t want to invest right now in the 10 Week Money Mastermind  Program, here is a very special offer just for you.

dateYou probably know our regular mentoring rates are $500 per hour.

Here is a chance for you to work with us during August for MUCH less than that.

This is a special offer for Manifesting Mastery Members only.  (Please do not share this page with anyone outside the group.)

So here is the special for 3 people who feel ready to work with us one on one:  (Space really is limited, because this is live one on one coaching.)

  • Three 45 minute phone or skype coaching sessions, for less than what the public pays for one hour of our time.
  • (Just $450 for 3 coaching sessions.)

We are scheduling these calls only during these two time frames, because these are my slow times for August, 2014

We schedule these special priced calls after 7PM until 3AM New York City Time (Easter Time Zone USA) Wednesday and Thursday.  It usually only takes 1 or 2 emails to find a time slot that works for both of us.

In Europe, we keep the calls between Midnight and 9:00 AM LONDON time.

Ideally, I’d like to pick one time, for the next 3 weeks – so you have all your sessions in the month of August.

Calls are done on skype or by calling a USA phone number.   (We can call you if you prefer in the USA, UK, and Australia as well.)   Many blessings,

TT and V


Hi 20 20,

I will commence by thanking you for the transformational coaching seasons I had with you. I wish I came across you before now. The coaching was more on how to develop feeling and not dwelling on the head all the time.

The exercises you suggested were practiced and found to be really an eyes opener. I did the noticing of the sensation between the fingers and it was awesome. Now I can feel my whole body when am breathing in and mentioning words like confidence. Then I practiced having myself enlarged to cover the universe and the surge of blood through my body was fantastic and amazing.

The reverse, imagining myself as tiny as the ant also gave me the feeling of being unaffected by conditions and events.Also I did the slow walk exercise, and I noticed what I have been missing walking very fast. I could feel my body more while walking slowly. Once again thanks for your wonderful and inspirational coaching.


Innocent E.