12 Original Neville Goddard Recordings for just…

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Neville Goddard in His Own Voice – Collection #1.

12 Full length Neville Goddard lectures – all spoken by Neville Himself – in his own voice. This is the “God” series of lectures, where Neville shares his insights on God – in ways that are most amazing.

These are the lectures you are getting – Neville Goddard In his own Voice:

  1. God and Glory Are Synonymous Terms
  2. God and I are One
  3. God Imagining Creates
  4. God In Action
  5. God is Known By Experience
  6. God’s Purpose
  7. God’s Greatest Gift
  8. God’s Law and His Promise
  9. God’s Plan of Salvation
  10. God Only Acts
  11. God’s Seven Eyes
  12. God’s Son

PLUS THE SPECIAL BONUS: “How to Use Your Imagination” – By Neville Goddard

These are all ORIGINAL – Neville Goddard recordings, in his own voice – not narrated by anyone else. Neville Goddard himself.

You will be downloading them within minutes – after payment – and clicking on the RETURN TO MERCHANT button. (We will also send you a personal email immediately – with a backup copy of your download page.)

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What would you expect to pay for these recordings? $7 each? That would come to OVER $100 for the collection. That is what many sites are asking, and getting for these hard to find lectures.

But that is NOT what we are doing here. Remember, we are a COMMUNITY based on spreading the word and the works of Neville Goddard.

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PS:  If you love this collection – you are going to go absolutely WILD over what we will be offering next!   It just keeps getting better and better here at FreeNeville.com – thanks to you and your support and sharing of our community.  Thank you!